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My ability to manage printing tasks is very limited as well. I downloaded a driver from Canon for the Mac when I purchased it last year. The interface makes no sense and doesn't allow me access to any of the device's features. Scan and fax just aren't there. Suggestions?

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    Check your documentation.  If you are connecting to this device through a network connection, you're probably SOL until you can upgrade the firmware, and the driver.  Try the latest driver you can find on their website.  If it is only usb, you may need to install a second Queue for the fax by loading the driver that calls it a fax (add another printer to the list and choose the fax driver).  Scanning should be included with the printer, but you may need to use image capture found in your Applications folder.  If the device still doesn't show up, their may be no scanner driver yet, until the latest ICA file architecture is supported for the printer, or until the printer supports a native TWAINeth source on the mac (TWAIN over ethernet) if you are using a network connection.  You'll need a native imaging driver either way.  Check with canon.  10.7 is very different from earlier OSes and needs a new driver.

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    I downloaded a newer printer driver and scanner driver from Canon's site and it looked like the installations completed. However, the interface has not changed and I don't see any new printer or scanner device icons that I can click on.

    The firmware on the Canon site applied to earlier printers than mine based on serial number.

    What does SOL mean??


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    Did you mean "MX 350" or "MP 350" for the model name?



    Hope this helps

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    If you install the driver, it doesn't install the printer.  You have to add the printer yourself.  Go to system prefs, make sure your printer is connected, click the plus sign and add the printer.  If it is a network printer try IP and HP jetdirect protocols and put in it's hostname (go to the printer itself and print out a network status page, find hostname or netbios), this will allow you to print even if it's net address changes.  Type the whole hostname, including what comes after the dot (if nothing, you may want to check your router for a domain name to use inside the network and set one up; then print another status page and go).  Once the host is resolved through DNS (make sure your router is set as a DNS in network preferences) the print system will attempt to detect your printer and choose a driver for you.  If it doesn't find your driver for you, you can select it from the list on your own.  Name the Queue, then click add.  You may see error messages, just click okay and keep going.  Open the print queue after you select it on the list, and go to the menubar at the top of your screen; open "Printer" menu and select Print Test Page.  Watch the print queue to find out if it connects.  If not, try another method of net-print.

    Most USB printing shows up when you connect, but some do not.  You may need to add the printer yourself much the same as from here.  Wireless printers are the same as network, and make sure you select usb printers from the Default tab after pressing the + button.


    Scanning really doesn't work over networking for most 1-2year old devices.  Apple no longer supports the protocol that allowed it.  You can open image capture to check for the device while connected, but no guarantees.  If nothing else you can use an ftp send function on some printers to send the scan from the device to a folder on a given host.  Check your network prefs, and find your computer name for each connection type you use.  Then add your domain name after that, and use that as a host name on the network; go to your printer's webpage, check the ftp settings, put in the host name so IP won't matter, set up the path as: users\yourusername\folderpath  where yourusername is the name of your home folder, and folderpath is the path eg Documents\scanfolder\  where each slash notes a new folder within the one to the left;

    for username and password put your username from your computer and the password

    and you now scan by using the printer to send it out to your scan folder.  For port, use a standard ftp port like 21.  so the hostname\ip is hostname.domain:21

    Now you should have access to not only the folder from the scanner, but you should be able to just scan right to it from the scanner, even over wireless networking.  Device upstairs you sit on couch downstairs, but need to scan; take document to device, send it from device, go to comp open the scan, no need to go back upstairs.


    SOL mean s*&t outta luck.

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    You understand that my printer was already connected and doing some basic printing (on its own terms), right?  It's a usb.  So, are you saying that after downloading new drivers the printer needs to be connected again?  Unplug + replug?  Shutdown + restart?


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    Only usb?  Okay, then.  Remember this little rule of thumb:  Mac was made to be a machine I control.  My mac only connects, does, processes what I tell it to, no exceptions.  This means you may have to manually add the printer.  Plug it in by usb, check your print\scan prefs, and find the little plus sign.  Make sure the printer is on, and click the plus sign.  If the printer doesn't appear in that little menu (10.7) then go with the following:

    For 10.7 and up -- select add other printer

    For others it should open a menu for you to add a printer


    You should start in the "Default" tab (check the top of the list and you'll see the "Default", "FAX", "Network", and "Windows" buttons\tabs).  Staying in Default, find your printer.  If your printer has any kind of computing architecture inside (ie a small screen to adjust settings etc), then you'll want to make sure you have set it to it's defaults.  Now go ahead and search the list for your printer's mac address (media access code; any computer related hardware has one; also called physical address by some manufacturers) or its name or if you look at the side that shows the connection type, find USB.  That is the printer you will add.  Now select that printer and let you computer search for a driver; if it doesn't find one, you can select one yourself where it says "Print Using" and choosing "Select Printer Software".  This will allow you to chose your driver from the list, and you can search it with the search bar top right corner.  Type the make, ie Canon, and then start typing the model (first two letters) and then select your driver.  If your printer is a fax machine as well, you should repeat this process and select the driver that says fax at the end of the name the second time, to add a fax machine print Queue.  Then you should be able to fax through that print Queue (basically you print to the fax machine and it sends it out for you; but it needs its own driver connection).

    Method 2:

    Most canon drivers can install the printer for you, but you have to turn it on, connect it, and install all the canon software from the driver cd\download in order to do it.  It has to be able to read the printer over usb before it loads the driver.  Leave your printer on, with no sleep mode, until the driver finishes (best way to do that is to constantly press arrows on the printer, or push any button but power).


    Any better?  Step by step for ya.  KNowing it's usb makes a dif.  When you ask a question here, do the best you can to include the connection type you want, the make and model of the external device (printer), and the operating system you're on.  It really helps us help you faster.  I appreciate your efforts with the question and please don't hesitate to keep asking more if this isn't enough.  I'll keep an eye out fot the posting.

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    For scanning functions, you'll have to check for the driver on the canon site.  To use many older scanners from canon or epson, you'll need an ICA driver for the scanner to work with image capture app, or a TWAIN compatible driver for use with the software you can download from their site (this software typically comes on your CD but if your CD is too old, it doesn't match your OS and it's useless; you might try ordering a CD from canon to get the latest).  I've seen such trends on PC as well, where the scanning function is no longer supported with older devices, and the only way to work with them is through a non-system driven driver (essentially, you need software from the original disc that came with the device for it to access the driver and scan).  Windows uses WIA (windows imaging Acquisition) and apple uses ICA (image capture Acquisition).  Getting a driver that can talk through these kernel extensions is difficult for most equip 3years and older.