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I have ATV3, an iPad2, a Sony Vaio laptop and another audio system connected to my WiFi network via an Airport Express.


Via ATV I can only select one speaker / output at a time (i.e. EITHER Airport Express OR ATV).  When I have a party in the house (for example) I'd like to be able to select both to play the same music.


I know you I can select multiple speakers if I fire up the laptop and run iTunes (I then actually use the "Remote" app on the iPad, select my music library as the source and I can select mulitple speakers) but it doesn't seem possible with just ATV.  Why not?  I can see both outputs on ATV, I just want the option to be able to select both.


If my wife takes the laptop with her somewhere, I can't listen to my music throughout the whole house.


Seems a pretty big oversight - surely it'd be dead easy for Apple to do?

AppleTV 2
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    I too have this same question - why doesn't ATV3 enable music to be played to multiple speakers from the ATV? I've had an ATV1 for several years, and ATV1 supports playing music to multiple speakers from the ATV. I'm baffled why the "new & improved" ATV3 doesn't offer the same functionality. I just bought an ATV3 but haven't fully retired my ATV1 for the time being, as this is deal-breaker functionality for me.

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    I beleive multi speaker output is strictly a function of iTunes. ATV1 was the hobby or beta environment and was a mix of OSX 10.4 (iTunes) and their developement of iOS. The multi speaker out was not a part of the further or current developement of iOS.


    Still have an original atv out in the studio serving up music to the rest of the house... including the new appleTV2 in the living room