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Our students capture long videos in a high quality format (.DV), then often want to define clips within the movie, and hand them off to Compressor for compression. Unfortunatly, with the changes in Final Cut Pro X, we can find no viable way of doing that, and we've searched for hours in the app and online. The closet we found was to export stems out of the FCPX timeline using Roles:


http://www.premiumbeat.com/blog/export-stems-out-of-your-final-cut-pro-x-timelin e-using-roles/


For simply wanting to define multple clips (no combining of clips involved), this is rather tedious, but moreso, when we use this technique, indeed only the video and audio of the clips we hand off to Compressor is seen and heard, but we end up with video black on both sides of the clip, which greatly lengthens the processing time, not to mention that we then need to trim the dead air afterwards.


We tried using iMovie 11, but unlike one or more previous versions, it is no longer possible to export multiple clips.


We've downloaded Adobe Premiere, and will be testing this.


Is there an OS X app that can capture high quality (.DV?) video/audio, make clips, then bulk export to .DV on disk, that doesn't cost over $500?