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I finally got this 'Time Machine' to work, & am now regretting it; it's been on ALL NIGHT; ALL DAY; and is telling me it still needs to take another 12 hours?! This is insane. This is the first back-up, but I omitted all my photos from the back-up, so it is ONLY backing up around 59GB; this cannot take 48 hours, surely?! I've been previously backing up photos manually by dragging & dropping & have already copied across around 58GB to the hard drive in just a few hours. Is there something wrong with it? Will it ever finish?


What will happen if I just stop it; will all of the stuff it's copied so far vanish? Or can I re-start it & it will simply finish off where it left off?


Apart from anything else I really do not like to leave my computer on for this length of time!

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7)
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