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Hello everyone,


I recenly updated my new rMBP to 10.8.2; embedded to the update was a retina display EFI update that has broken a lot of my retina's display functions. I've done some research and many users have complained, no solutions have been found so far to my latest knowing. The symptoms are:


  1. Lag and slow processing when playing 2880 x 1800 scaled games on fullscreen mode - Trine 2.
  2. HDMI and thunderbolt ports unable to work with external displays. I'm using a 42" Sony HDTV, before the update (prior to Sep. 14) the HDMI worked beautifully, now all I get is a black screen and an over-scaled image.


I've already tried turning of the Dynamic Graphics switching as many suggested as well as using gfxCardStatus, no luck. If anyone knows of a solution, even if temporary, please do tell. Also, if anyone has contacted Apple directly and knows when an update may come out fixing this issue pelase let me know.



MacBook Pro with Retina display, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), Updated to Retina EFI update 1.0
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    I just tested my HDMI output on my Panasonic HDTV and it works just fine, so given my testing and teh research I've made, it seems like the problem is limited to Sony, Samsung and LG displays.

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    Same issue:  After the latest update, Trine 2 is suddenly very laggy at 2880x1800.  For fun, tried resetting PRAM, but it didn't turn out to be as much fun as I thought it might. 

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    Are you experiencing these symptoms?



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    LukeD wrote:


    I have written to find out if anyone has experienced this issue of their Thunderbolt display not working after upgrading to Mountain Lion on their MacBook Pro, with retina display.


    Both screens go black. A large mouse pointer appeas, but that is it.


    I have tried applying the combo update to see if it would correct things, to no avail.


    Does anyone have any thoughts or advice?


    Thank you!



    Precisely, except usind HDMI and a 42" Sony HDTV

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    The fix involves deleting 2 preferance files in the Library.


    1) Macintosh HD - Library - Preferances








    2) Finder - Go - Option - Library - Preferances - By Host








    Then, peform a PRAM reset.


    Problem solved.


    Apple has advised that a software update will be out in a few days. Otherwsie, the above works perfectly!


    Wooo hooo! Love you, Apple!


    If you are not comfortable performing the above, please contact Apple Support, and ask for Level 2 support. They will gladly walk you through the process. Alternatively, just wait for the software update.

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    You're awesome man! You just made my day, it works perfectly, for both issues, the game lag and the external display. Thank you LukeD and thank you Apple!



    Anyone who visits this threat, share it with anyone who has experienced the same symptoms.




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    My pleasure! This issue was driving me nuts. I could not take it anymore.


    I am glad that both our systems are back!


    All the best,


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    I love you...Are you merried? XD awesome...

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    Woho! This solved my problem to. I skipped part 2) because I did not have that file. Did this under 10.8.4. The file in step 1) was created on June 28. Strange... No UI lag so far!


    You can also use this thread for more ease: https://discussions.apple.com/message/20318295#20318295

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    Thanks a **** load, i got so worry when it happend all of a sudden! keep up the good work you dont know how many people you have helped^^!! i really appreciate it!