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Hello everyone,


I recenly updated my new rMBP to 10.8.2; embedded to the update was a retina display EFI update that has broken a lot of my retina's display functions. I've done some research and many users have complained, no solutions have been found so far to my latest knowing. The symptoms are:


  1. Lag and slow processing when playing 2880 x 1800 scaled games on fullscreen mode - Trine 2.
  2. HDMI and thunderbolt ports unable to work with external displays. I'm using a 42" Sony HDTV, before the update (prior to Sep. 14) the HDMI worked beautifully, now all I get is a black screen and an over-scaled image.


I've already tried turning of the Dynamic Graphics switching as many suggested as well as using gfxCardStatus, no luck. If anyone knows of a solution, even if temporary, please do tell. Also, if anyone has contacted Apple directly and knows when an update may come out fixing this issue pelase let me know.



MacBook Pro with Retina display, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), Updated to Retina EFI update 1.0