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I have a 2007 iMac (5.1, 2007) dual core. It's capable of running Snow Leopard and Lion (but not, I believe ML).


I just bought the upgrade SL discs from Apple and installed them as an upgrade, moving up to 10.6.3 (from the discs). After running software update I'm now on 10.6.8.


Since upgrading I've successfully run Time Machine. However I have the following problems:-


  1. A bunch of emails were present in the Inbox, but contained no body text - just the subject line. I have managed to since find most of them successfully from TM. This is a minor annoyance but I thought I'd mention it.
  2. ITunes won't boot up. It booted the first time I tried it, but since then the little icon just bounces up and down.
  3. Certain apps won't quit properly. I quit from the top menu, but the little blue light remains under the icon in the dock. I then have to 'Force Quit - Application Not Responding' *every time*.
  4. Safari frequently won't load up bookmarked or seach pages, the progress bar gets stuck part way across and I stare at the rainbow pinwheel for ages, before having to quit, then Force Quit, then restart Safari and try again.


Now, I'm tempted to do a Clean Install, but after four international moves (Singapore-Australia-UK-Canada) I no longer have any of the original discs, and thus as I understand it will lose iLife. And iLife 11 needs Lion.


I've done a disc permissions repair thing via the Mac Disc Utility. I've run a few clean-up operations via Onyx.


Any suggestions gratefully received. My Mac as been running great for years, but this upgrade has been extremely disappointing thus far.




iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8), Upgrade from 10.4.11 to 10.6.8
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    Without any bootable backup/clone of your previous OS installation (Leopard, I presume), all I can suggest is to restore the OS to its state before upgrading to SL. If that's successful and everything works normally, get an ext FWHD and peruse these before trying another upgrade.







    BTW, you can always get replacements for the discs that originally shipped with your machine. 1-800-MY-APPLE, if in the US. If international, see http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3678

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    Hi baltwo


    Many thanks for your advice. I've read all the links and will be buying a 2nd external HD to do a SuperDuper back up. I already had a 1Tb drive with Maxtor back up on it, and I also managed to get a Time Machine back up as well, so at least my data should be safe.


    Qn - If I back up the System and Utility folders as well as the Home folder, I don't suppose I can restore them after an install and everything (eg iLife) will 'just work'?


    Anyway, I went straight from Tiger to Snow Leopard. I don't have any Tiger discs either (see reasons above) so now have no way of restoring original set up. I tried to boot from the SL install CD and then hold 'C' but must be getting something wrong as I don't get the Disk Utility pop up. It just boots as normal to the desktop.


    Anyway, via the normal Disc Utitlity I've done a Repair Permissions again with no major issues. However, my Onyx software now won't run at all so I can't clean any caches a second time.


    I've contacted the Apple rep who sold be the SL discs but she's not got back to me yet re iLife.


    This weekend I'm going to try a fresh upgrade. If that fails I'll try Erase and Install, if I can get the 'C' button timing right. I'll update if I have any successs.




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    I bought another HD and at least now have a SuperDuper backup/boot disc.

    Email is now working fine, as is iTunes.


    However, I still have to force quit *every* program, and Safari is still not working properly. I'm going to start a new thread about that.


    But thanks for the advice on dual back-ups.