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Turning off iTunes under cellular settings does not affect the podcast app

Podcast App, iOS 6
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    I agree. Its nice to be able to disable downloads via cellular, but it would also be nice to disable streaming over cellular also. Especially since the default is for it to begin playing the next episode in sequence regardless of whether this is already locally cached or if it is being streamed. This could rack up lots of inadvertant data usage if you're not very careful. You may not remember which episodes are downloaded and which aren't.

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    SETTINGS__PODCAST APP__TURN OFF use cellular data

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    I discovered the Podcast app was also streaming (per the Podcast player app display), rather than sync’ing from my desktop. But there’s no way to turn it off.


    Within Setup-Settings-Podcasts, “use cellular data” is off.


    But from within Setup-Cellular, “use cellular data for…Podcasts” is on and grayed-out (all are grayed-out, just an indication of the status).


    This is very broken, since I had no intention of streaming or downloading this content.


    Podcast app version is 2.0.1 (446) on IOS 7.0.4.


    Would anyone have a solution for this problem?

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    Hold on, just turned cellular data back on (it's been off since I turned it off yesterday), and discovered that in settings-cellular those "switches" are live (grayed-out while cellular data is turned off).


    I have "sync subscriptions" and "use cellular data" turned off in the podcast app, but within Settings-Cellular the podcast app is still "on" for cellular data. Usage shows 11.5 MB that I never authorized.


    I turned podcast off in the Cellular section, no way yet to find out if it's off for good (no feeds have new episodes yet).

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    I have an update on this. After turning off cellular Internet in the “Cellular” section in setup, and also in the “Podcasts” section in setup, I’m STILL receiving new podcast item notifications via carrier internet. Happened while I was on the bus on the way to work. One podcast had been updated about an hour after I last synchronized with iTunes. Podcasts app didn’t download the item, it just reached out over carrier internet and got the status. But it wasn’t supposed to reach out anywhere over carrier internet. This is really offensive.