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Ok this question will be difficult to comprehend and I really DOUBT there is a solution but for those of you that know everything about opperating systems, you're my kings!


OK SO! I have a business...and when I add people to my phonebook (thus adding them through the cloud to my address book) I save them as - that way if I meet someone at Starbucks I save them as P.Joe.Starbucks.Brooklyn and if I do a search for Brooklyn I find them...




When I email them, I open up my MAIL application and start typing P.Joe.Starbucks.Brooklyn and when they recieve the email that's what they see. I just want on their end to show "Joe"


One of the solutions is a manual one, I want an AUTOmatic one. I have to click on the drop down menu over their name, click "EDIT ADDRESS" and change it.




How can I get either JUST THEIR EMAIL TO SHOW UP ON THEIR END OR just their first name without all the codes such as P.?


If you have a solution, you deserve an award!

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.1)
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