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This is weird, when I record a video clip with my iphone 5, and then play it back, all I get is static!  Sound does work with the speakers when I am playing a game or using the speakerphone.  When I tried to play an mp3, via double clicking on the home, then swiping to the ipod controls, it had the same result. When I went to the music app it worked, then the ipod controls worked fine.


Incidently I believe this is the first time I tried testing this after I replaced my iphone 5 because of cosmetic blemishes.  The original worked with the audio no problem. Any ideas?

iPhone 5, iOS 6
Solved by robertofromdiamond bar on Oct 3, 2012 5:30 PM Solved

OK here is an update, the problem was the back "screen" protector I put on the iphone 5.  It covered the hole between the camera and the flash.  Once I removed the protector the audio recording worked fine again.