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I want to bypass iCloud and be able to Sync my iCal with a cable, currently holded in iCloud, so my iPhone 3 can't sync anymore right now.

I'm currently running Snow Leopard again since a few days, I tried Mountain Lion for a month and for several (compatibility) reasons I downgraded to SL. But Mountain Lion screwed up my iCal calenders which apparently are in iCloud now. This means that I can't sync anymore with my iPhone 3 because it has no iCloud. I want to get my calenders back to my local computer so I can manually sync it again using cable connection. How do I do this? I never wanted to have to do anything with iCloud, because it has no use for me, for my iPhone is too old and relaxed to handle it.



Any suggestions?



Also: There are now duplicates of what used to be one single calendar, with all containing different information, is there a way of merging them back together?

Mac OS X (10.6.8), iPhone 3