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Hi there.


My apple id is *******@gmail.com


I have been using my ******@me.com address for all my emails, imessage, and facetime.


I am fully aware that apple will not let me change my apple id & primary address to me.com. So the ******@gmail.com is essentially a username.


However for the past year or so i have had no issue at all using my ******@me.com address for signing into imessage & facetime.



Today i cannot use my *******@me.com to sign into my factime or imessage.  It throws up and message saying "Error description not availible" when i try to sign into imessage or facetime.


it only gives me the option to recieve at my ****@gmail.com adresses.


It is to be noted that i can still sign into itunes etc. using *****@me.com as my apple id. also me ***@me.com emails work fine.


So i went onto the edit my apple id page and signed in.





it looks like


Apple ID & Primary Email address





Alternate apple id





Alternate email address




(i tried putting in my ***me.com and my ****@gmail.com addresess and it simply does not let me.



Also i cannot get my new ****icloud.com address to work in anyway. Send, receive. Nothing. And yes i have added it to accounts etc.



Your help would be much appreciated