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  • alistairfairweather Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm getting exactly the symptoms you describe on both my iPad and iPhone. Or at least I was until I deleted my account. Literally nothing else would stop the trickle of data - even turning off all the services. And data is expensive in South Africa so I'm $60 out of pocket on my most recent phone bill (double what it normally costs me) - yay.


    A lot of South Africans are experiencing the same thing. Look at the tweets related to my blog post on the issue:

  • JimmySlo Level 1 (0 points)

    This was incredibly helpful. Thanks for the video. I thought something was strange yesterday when I finished watching a movie in a theatre and noticed that my battery was almost drained. It had been nearly full before the movie. Then I woke up this morning and found a message from AT&T saying I had used 100% of my data, and I still had about 10 days left in my billing cycle. I've gone over my usage before, but it was always closer to the end of my cycle, and AT&T would always warn me at 60%, and then again at 90%. But this went straight to 100% without warning. When I checked how much data I used over my 2GB limit, I found it was over 1.7GB over! Something was very wrong. I called AT&T right away, and the customer service rep explained she had the same problem a while ago, but it was because of streaming services like Pandora or I Heart Radio--even when you're on a wifi signal, there's so much data pumping thru that it switches over to 4G without you knowing it. I thought that was really strange. But I had used Pandora for a few hours at home over wifi that day, so it kinda matched up with her story, but I still thought it was weird that it drained THAT much data. I had used Pandora over 4G before iOS 6 and never had that problem. The rep suggested that I turn off Cellular Data every time I got home or any place with a wifi connection. I told her that was kind of a ridiculously inconvenient solution, but she insisted that that was the problem and that's how to avoid it. She did graciously credit my account and made a note of the problem. So when I stumbled upon our video, I immediately tried it, and lo and behold, problem solved. Good on AT&T for the refund, but bad on them for the bad advice. Thanks again!

  • danielfromfloreat Level 1 (0 points)

    tell ur phone company, about that issue. here in australia they just have started to acknowledge that there is a software bug with uses ur 3G data instead of wiFi, while loggen in at work or home. it is not carrier related and somehow random assosiated with ios6. my iphon5 has massive of that issues, my ipad 3 (new ipad or what ever u gonna call the new ipad) got upgraded/updated to ios6. no issues whats how ever. that is not just icloud based... so be carefull

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    We don't even have icloud turned on ... from the beginning... still very very excess data usage ... this is not the problem... Canada... Rogers network

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    This is an issue with more than just the iPhone 5 on Verizon. I have an iPhone 4 running iOS 6, and it ate through 25% of my 2Gb data in a single day! I had to turn off my cellular usage completely to get it to stop using my data. Apple needs to fix this bug fast! I want to be able to use my phone away from wifi, but until this issue is fixed, I'm not touching my data at all. It will remain off until the issue is fixed.

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    My son has the same problem on AT&T.  iPhone 4, IOS 6, used 2.2 GB in 10 days.  His phone sent 1GB in one shot on October 10.  The only solution is to turn off cellular data so far is to turn off cellular data.

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    Same here, just noticed the huge cellular data drain when I was alerted by my carrier that I've gone over my data limit for the month! The trouble is, I'm only one week into the month and I never go over my cap! Now I've been throttled.

    My iCloud was switched off but I have now followed the advice and deleted the iCloud account entirely. I will monitor things very carefully!


    Oh and I'm on the O2 network in the UK. iOS6 *****.

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    I bought my iphone yesterday from best buy and the problem started immediately, until i deleted by icloud account.


    I just called tech support and was told that Apple is aware of the problem and its a virus. The tech guy said that in order for him to solve the issue I must purchase a support plan of 99 dollars hahaha


    Is this serious? Theres obivously a problem with icloud yet there is a fix and it cost 100 bucks?!!!!


    Thanks Apple, I purchased a macbook two months ago, ipad two weeks ago and iphone yesterday and this the service I get?


    I had a feeling when steve passed apple would begin its decent.


    what a bummer.

  • Lawrence Finch Level 8 (35,018 points)

    Then you did not call Apple tech support. It is not a virus, and tech support for the first 90 days is free from Apple. You called some sleazebag shop.

  • AKRBTN Level 4 (1,500 points)

    "Is this serious?"  No I don't think so!


    Who did you actually call?

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    Thanks for the information. Ever since iOS 6 on my iPhone 4s my data cap was reached within 2 weeks. I normally don't use the entire 2GB for the whole month, actually only reach about 1GB. However my wife doesn't seem to have the same issue on her iPhone 4s. When we got her iPhone 5 it did have the issue, but then I did a network reset and it stopped. She returned her iPhone 5 and back to her 4S and no issues. Please fix on AT&T.

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    I did exactly as in the video and it did nothing. Still have the same results I had with iCloud on the phone as with it deleted under cellular usage. It doesnt show quite as fast but still builds up the same amount just longer time and larger amounts

  • enocasino Level 1 (0 points)

    Thank you for the info. I did call apple tech support, pulled the number right from apple website. I'll try again

  • enocasino Level 1 (0 points)

    I called apple tech support, got the number right off of apple dot com. I'll try again, Lawrence said free 90 day tech support, the tech must have been just trying to sell me something.

  • electronicsguy Level 2 (190 points)

    I really dont see the point of icloud if you use a single device. Backing up to my laptop is much faster and has much more space. restore also is painelss and reliable (say on a plane).


    yeah if you use multiple apple devices maybe there's some benefit (again... limited because of standard cloud computing limitations) but on the whole I find it worthless. What are your thoughts?

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