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I followed the instructions on how to remove songs from Music on itunes.I deleted the songs and put them in the trash.  Then I synced to my iphone 4s. The songs that I want removed are still on my iphone. Obviously I did something wrong after putting the songs in the trash and synching to my iphone.

would it be better to update using cloud that connecting to my computer ?


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    Open itunes, connect iphone, ONLY select the music that you want on your iphone, sync

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    Yes. Simply Plug your iPhone into your computer. When it comes up on iTunes, Go to the music Section on your iPhone's Main area. (The one within the syncing options on iTunes, NOT your music Library.) Then click that you only want to sync selected playlists, songs, and albums. Any that you don't want you can make sure will not be put on your iPhone. Then simply, apply the changes, and within 5 minutes, your problem should be solved.

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    But "songs" isn't an option. Playlists, artists, albums and genres are the choices. What if I want to remove SOME songs from an artist, but not all???

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    Simple. Go to the Music that you have on your iPhone, and uncheck all the songs that are on your iphone you don't want. Then apply changes, and it should do the trick. Let me know if this helps.

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    I seem to be having the same issues as most. It is so frustrating because to reply to Applegeek26449, I would LOVE to uncheck the songs that I want to get rid of but they are all greyed out and it will not allow me to do anything to them. I am running Mountain Lion and the latest iTunes along with an iPhone 4S.


    Any ideas anyone?

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    Ah I see. I have heard about this glitch with some of my friends using Mountain Lion. Since it is a new software, glitches are still being tweaked, hence why for every version of software, apple comes out with several 4.2.4, 10.8.6 etc. I am running the regular OSX Lion, and a 5th and 4th generation Ipod touch 32gb. On the Latest Itunes. I am going to do some experimenting of my own on my other Mac, which I just got with Mountain Lion. I will get back to you by next week if I find anything helpful. Sorry you are going through the trouble with this.

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    And some songs from an artist? When you go to the artist, the music of the artist should have check marks beside them too. In which you can delete choice songs from that artist. Even with the Newest Itunes, That I am running, I have been able to do that.

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    I am trying to remove songs from my 4 and I selected the "sync selected playlists, songs, and albums" as advised previously and it erased and synced my music and I selected an iTunes playlist to sync with it but when I select Music under my synced phone (on the left), it will not let me "uncheck" anything or highlight and press "delete" on anything to remove it.  I am not sure what else to do.

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    I had that issue for a while. if you click sync your music, then before you apply, you can go into your music and uncheck then. Then click apply and see if that works.

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    AS I told vball, I did some experimenting, and if you click the check mark to sync the music from your library, before you apply, you can then go to your 4S's playlist, and uncheck anything you want. Then click apply, and that should do the trick.