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    I am not using GMail.  I am using GoDaddy as my IMAP storage and email hosting.  I checked there and I do not see any options like you describe.

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    ksv666 wrote:


    I am not using GMail.  I am using GoDaddy as my IMAP storage and email hosting.  I checked there and I do not see any options like you describe.

    That is because Godaddy is not Gmail. And you do not have the same problem. Start a new post for yourself.

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    CS..I did not see anywhere in the title that this was a GMail specific post or issue.  Do I really ned to start a new post here?  Why?

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    The OP has a GMail account and I am discussing GMail specific issues. You may do as you wish but hijacking some other posters thread usually is not the best way to deal with your specific issues.


    Good luck.

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    Thanks JohnTH. This works!!!

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    I have been having the same problem since about the same time as you, I just recently started pulling up my mailbox and on the top bar of the computer clicking on the "mailbox" option and at the bottom of the menu click "rebuild" and all messages that I have tried delelting from the inbox are gone, while still saving my "sent" emails. I hope this helps because I am very frustrated with this mail combined with macbook.

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    Could you be more specific? If you are using GMail, then the answers are above. If you are using something else, then state what it is. Its impossible to give a specific anwer to a vague issue.

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    Here is my specific situation:


    1. I have a new MacBook Pro (latest software 10.8.3).

    2. I am using Mac Mail (latest version 6.3, 1503).

    3. I am using GoDaddy IMAP servers

    4. I have seven IMAP accounts

    5. I have no data limit restrictions


    My issues are numerous with Mail.  Deleted messages do stay deleted.  Draft messages appear for no reason. Junk mail comes back.  Much of this is intermittant and unpredictable.  I even had a message send (I got a reply back) and I have no (ZERO) record of it being sent.


    So, I am now immediately "Erase Junk Mail" and "Erase Deleted Mail" all the time.  This can be very problematic, especially when I deleted a message by mistake.


    I am not trying to "hijack" this thread.  I didn't know it was supposed to be Gmail specific.  If it helps to open a new thread, I will do that.

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    This thread is related to GMail and NOT GoDaddy related issues. Do start a NEW thread if you wish to have your issues sorted. The original poster's (jackielynne94) issues were with GMail.


    You need to check what settings you have in your GoDaddy account because ALL the issues stem from there. Mail on your Mac simply takes up from your GoDaddy mail servers.

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    JohnTh is correct, you should start a new thread in order to get attention paid to it, but, check your settings first


    Here are the correct settings for GoDaddy mail (POP and IMAP) in Mac Mail.


    Post back (to a new thread) if this does not help.

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    I have had this problem with 3 imap accounts for some time. However, what I noticed today is that, having deleted emails (ie put them in the trash) you MUST empty the trash as well to stop them re-appearing.


    I have just tested this with about 10 deletions and none of them have re-appeared.


    This must be a Mail bug - it is certainly not expected mailbox behaviour but at least it seems to solve the problem


    By the way I am not using GMail or GoDaddy - these may have other issues

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    Mac OS 10.4/2011 MacBook Air

    I'm having similar, new problems with Mail that did not appear because of any change in my own configuration: "ghostly" copies of emails I deleted remained in my Inbox, and these resisted deletion or cutting, but disappeared if I deleted them (Command-delete) and then chose the Erase Deleted Items pull-down item. But also, other "ghostly" emails appeared in my Drafts folder (on my Mac) that shouldn't be there and similarly resisted the kind of delete command that has been working for years now. Not sure what's going on. But I fixed it and here's what I did:


    I like deletion to be immediate and don't mind if it's irrevocable -- and that may be what was part of the problem. I have no Trash folder. There were so many folders with "deleted" stuff in my sidebar,— on my Mac, in iCloud, Trash— so I had elected, in Preferences/Accounts/Mailbox Behaviors/Trash, not to move deleted messages to the trash folder. That got rid of my Trash folder and messages I deleted just disappeared. (Perhaps these were the ones that became ghosts, with nowhere to go, wandering in some kind of limbo in my Mac till one day they found a way to appear to me? Anyway.) As a fix attempt, I went back into Prefs, checked "Move deleted messages to the Trash mailbox" -- and this worked. Deleted messages disappear immediately now, and I still don't have a Trash folder visible in the sidebar, which I don't get, but this is a plus for me.

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    Is this with your email account which ends in or or email accounts?


    If its not but is with a web based email account, then you'd need to check the settings with the email provider. This particular thread is related to the original poster's GMail account. Start another one if your's is a specific case.

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    I had a problem where I would highlight mail in the junk folder and press delete. I would then highlight it in the trash folder and press delete again. I've done it this way for years, but the mail would keep re-appearing in the junk folder. I finally found this solution:


    1. Right-click on any mailbox.

    2. Choose "Erase Junk Mail ..."
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    This was not originally a Gmail specific issue at all.  The original post was based on the fact that emails kept returning.  The Gmail part came out later.  I have exactly the same issue with my Macbook.  I have had a Windows PC for years and decided to give Mac a try.  I have NEVER EVER had a problem with email that I have deleted simply returning to my inbox. I have been having this problem for about two months now and it is extremely annoying.  My guess is the problem is not with Go Daddy or Gmail but something specific within Mac OS itself.