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I'm trying to set up a different iCloud account (seperate from the rest of my families). I already made my own apple ID but not sure how to change the iCloud account. Do I have to delete the old iCloud account in order to create a new one? THANKS!

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1
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    If you go into settings and go to Icloud you can delete the account at the bottmom, it will just remove it as your primary account. I suggest you have things like your data backed up to a computer. Alls deleteing does is remove it as your selected icloud account. If you ever wanted to log back in with that one you can. I just suggest you have everything backed up onto a computer/laptop first though. And once it is removed you just sign in with your other icloud account. I think when you delete it it asks if you want to keep your contacts and things like that. I'm sure you can work it out from there.

    Hope this helps!

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    And when I say other icloud account I mean itunes account of course!

    Good luck.x

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    That worked! Thanks for your help!

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    You're welcome!

    I'm glad I could help.

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    Deleting your iCloud account will also make your phone not trackable on the Find My Phone feature.

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    hi all i need to delete all my contacts from y iphone ... shoudl i delete the Icloud account ?

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    Hello miss Wong,

    I would like to ask you if this will work or my case as well:


    my sister just gave me her iPad and I'd like to get an own iCloud account. Still I'm afraid to delete hers cause she has also an iPhone and I really wouldn't like to delete her account at all but just remove it from this pad. What would be the wisest thing to do? And thank you very much for your attention in advance.

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    I wanto to use another apple id with my icloud account! when I delete the actual icloud account it deletes the notes and the photo stream. How can I do to keep my notes with my new apple id?


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    Hello 'Mafromrm'.

    Right, well on my IPhone 4G I have pressed the 'delete account' button in the ICloud settings before and alls it does is remove the ICloud account from your device and any data that is saved with ICloud will be removed from the device, for example contacts. If your contacts are saved with ICloud and you delete the account from the device they will be removed. How ever you are talking about an IPad so that shouldn't be a problem. Alls the 'delete account' button does is remove the data from the device that's saved with the account. It won't do anything to the actual account. Because you can just log back in again. I did it with mine and then I just logged back in again and all my contacts were restored. If you want to delete your sisters account from the IPad alls you have to do is go into settings, go into 'ICloud', scroll down to the bottom and press 'Delete Account'. It doesn't do anything to the account but remove it from the device (which can always be logged back into). And then basically just set up yours from there! If you're unsure just back up the data onto a computer. But alls it actually does is log you out of that account. Hope this helped. Missie Wong x

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    Hey Will, the problem with this is I don't think you can be logged into two ICloud accounts at once. So if you want your notes and images to be at hand then I suggest backing them up to a computer so you can get to them easily without switching between ICloud accounts. Unfortunately with getting a new ICloud account it starts a fresh with your device, so anything you have saved with your other account will be removed until you log back in with it. I say just back them up to a computer. I don't really understand why you would be in need of another account. Is it another ICloud account you want to log in with or is it an ITunes account? I'm a bit confused. -Missie Wong.

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    What will happen if you have 2 iCloud accounts and you delete 1?

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    Hi Missie, I need your help. I borrowed my cousin's Apple ID acct then suddenly everything I downloaded showecd up on her mail then i had access to her photos. Now my problem is if I delcete her iCloud acct will it affect her device? Pleare I badly need your help. Thank you! :)

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    I just found out that my brother is on my iCloud account but I want to take it off his iPod but I also have an iPod as well but if I delete it off his iPod will it affect my iPod as well if I delete it off his iPod

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    I Have the same problem please help me ASAP