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I wont be using iCloud for a number of reasons.  I was a user of Mac dot com for years.  Why would you break my version of mail?

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    Please tell us what problem you are seeing and what you have found to be broken with Mail, and what version of OS X you are using. 


    There are a number of folks around that using OS X Mail.app with a variety of mail servers, including iCloud.


    And for what this reply is worth, this is a user forum.  The Apple folks may or may not read your posting.  Whether or not your comments here reach the right folks at Apple is far from certain.

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    Thanks MrHoffman, for caring.  I think I needed to vent.  My issue was resolved with the help of this forum but only after the fourth attempt by downloading the Security Update 2012-004 and a permissions fix/restart/then update.  Using Software Update to download the update did not work. I have lost bill-able hours.  Maybe this was an accidental sloppy security update by the Apple team but adding to to the growing list of annoyances my gut tells me that Apple is making deliberate decisions to force users into using iCloud.  The business strategy of forcing future dependance on Apple's iCloud, dumbing down the interface, and focus on the lowest common denominator the iPhone is causing me to loose faith in the Apple Ethos.  Thanks for listening. I think broadcasting my feelings have help me immensely.  Wait, this isn't the Apple Mental-Health Support Group?  I must be in the wrong room.