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I went to the Apple store, but was told this is normal. The noise is really different from the normal click that I used to feel on iphon 4. Does anybody have the same problem?

iPhone 5, iOS 6
  • st4lker Level 1 Level 1


    my iphone 5 also does making sound when I click slightest amount of pressure on it.

    It's really annoying for me. I'm thinking to replace it ASAP. But if I replace it, I'm afraid that I can only get a refurb 1. I'm looking for a way to fix it.

  • gonkowonko Level 1 Level 1

    I have the same problem and its very annoying Apple have only offered a refurbed unit which normally are like brand new but unfortunatly they have given me 7 phones so far which were all blemished in some way so i still have a annoying phone but no way to fix unless i want to trade my brand new phone in for a crappy damaged refurbed one

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    I had this same issue with a replacement 3GS that they gave me on a warranty repair a year ago.  It was annoying at first, but 100% did not get any worse so it was rarely noticed soon after.

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    I am experiencing a similar sound with my 5 also. If I slightly press on it then it makes a small clicking noise. I didn't hear it on my 4. I wonder if its the new design with it being thinner. I don't know. It's not loose or anything. It just makes that diminutive sound. I will probably get over it

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    My 5 just started doing the same thing. I hope it's not the precurser to an unresponsive button.

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    I posted earlier in this chain that I experienced the same on my iPhone 3GS and that it didn't ever get worse.


    I just got this same thing happen on my iPhone 5.  I came across a post in which somebody said that rubbing alcohol can be used to fix this as it is dirt under the button.  I tried this and it worked.


    No saying now that you should douse your phone in alcohol. Do not do this.  But search on web for people showing how to clean home button with alcohol.  Plenty of information out there and it just worked for me.

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    I have the same with my black 32gb. Even if I touch home button slowly with no pressure it still makes that annoying sound. I'm sure home button shouldnt make any other sound but only click response when you push it.

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    I resolved this "defect" with WD40 Oil.


    - Turn off your iPhone 5.

    - Put the oil in the interface (gap) between Home Button and front display (use a soaking cotonete for this). Do not use the spray directly on the home button. This may blur your display inside. Remember: this oil must be shaked before use.

    - Push the button several times.

    - Remove the excess of oil with a absorbent paper.

    - Turn on your iphone.


    My iPhone 5 is working very very well now !!!

  • Frustrated 3G Level 1 Level 1

    I realize this is old but will using that really do the the trick?  It's almost like there is a gap that has been created after using the iPhone for 2 years.  I just want to make a sound repair. If not it will be onto the iPhone 6 for me.

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    WWhat about the iPhone 5c is it supposed to do it to or idk kinda annoying