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Recently I was trying to upgrade to Final Cut 7  from Final Cut 6 with a NFR copy of Final Cut Studio V3 that I had received.  I went through the installation process and I saw that Final Cut Pro was "grayed out" and not able to be selected at the beginning of installation. It's stated is noted as "Skip." So I thought this might be an issue since my previous version of Final Cut had a different serial number.


So I first deleted the serial number file associated with FCP 6.  When I went to enter the serial that came with my version of Final Cut Studio, it would not accept my serial number.


So I launched the installation disk and noticed that Final Cut was "grayed" out even though I didn't have the latest version.


The last thing I did was try to get Final Cut 6 off my computer so that I could re-install it.  I downloaded FCS remover and got rid of Final Cut 6.  So when I popped in the installation disc, I was unable to select Final Cut to upgrade.  Is there anyway NOT to "skip" the installation?


Now I have no Final 6 or Final Cut 7 on my Macbook Pro....  Test1.pngI am very lost here -- if someone could help me proceed it would be great.