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I updated to iOS 6 and now my phone has turned into a piece of junk! It gets SUPER hot when I'm using it (ie: talking on it!) or when it is charging. The back and the sides just heat up like an oven. I took it out of the case and tried to put it in front of a fan and it is just SO HOT. This started recently, aka, ever since I updated to iOS 6. Just now, I was talking to my boyfriend and it kept dropping the calls while it was getting hot. Then the screen went black, it redialed him, and I couldn't even see what was going on on the screen. I just happened to hear him talking. BTW: I have an iPhone 4. Is anyone else having the same problem? More importantly, is there any fixes that anyone can suggest? I'm in a long distance relationship so I NEED to be able to talk on the phone for more than 3 minutes.

iPhone 4, iOS 6