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I am running OSX 10.8.2 with an OD master. I am using profile manager for managing our iPads, which does what I need. I attempted to bind ML to our 2008 AD server which appeared to go through ok, creating a computer object in AD, login options shows multiple servers (with green orbs), etc

However, when I open WGM I get the following message:


Not implemented

This action failed because an Open directory plugin has not implemented that functionality yet.


The active directory authentication padlock is greyed out. I can authenticate to and view the LDAPv3 directory.


I have restarted the server but to no avail.


any advice is much appreciated.

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    Hmm, interestingly the problem remains in WGM but I am able to see AD users and groups using the server app. Could it be that WGM is no longer supported in 10.8.2?

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    Yes WGM is supported in 10.8.2.


    The issue you are having is that your Open Directory certificate may be invalid or WGM is having issues reading the cert.  Go to teh Server.app and then go to Certificates.  Renew the Open Directory server cert and ensure that "Secure Services using:" has the open directory cert selected.


    This should resolve your issue.