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Sr_Sriji Level 1 Level 1

how can i clear apps cache in ios 6?


I am using  4th Gen Ipod 8gb recently I upgrade to iOS6

Facebook App used 180mb of storage how can I clear cache of that

How can I remove JUNK (I mean cache or unwanted files) to save Storage space

anyone can suggest me any apps like ccleaner (for Windows OS)

iPod touch, iOS 6, Ipod touch $th Gen 8gb
  • lllaass Level 10 Level 10

    There is no way to clear app cache in iOS unless the specific app all sit. Sometimes powering off and then back on will delete some.

  • ermali Level 1 Level 1

    In iOs 5 when you tried to download a large app when on low space, the system automatically cleaned the chache of the apps showing "cleaning..." instead of the name. Now though it doesn't do it anymore and it is very anoying as instagram facebook twitter and flipboard take almost 1.5 gb on my iphone and I can't install anymore apps.

  • XyonN Level 1 Level 1

    Close all apps in the back ground. Hold the power button untill the 'slide to power-off' appears. Now let go of the power button and press the home button untill the screen dissapears and warps you back to the home screen. Now, the cache is cleared.


    You can also do this 'per-app'.




    P.S.: This works for ALL iPhone OS AND iOS devices, even for the original iPhone.

  • Kneil31 Level 3 Level 3

    You should probably try this: http://www.imobie.com/phoneclean/