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Does "Reduce File Size" reduce the quality of an image or video that is being projected from my iPad 3 onto a 10ft screen via VGA adaptor?  I'm teaching a film class, and multiple film clips and stills seem to cause Keynote to grind to a near halt.   We can't really get the room adequately dark, so I really don't want to reduce image quality any further.


Thanks in advance for any help suggestions!



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    virtual.gretchen wrote:


    Does "Reduce File Size" reduce the quality of an image or video...

    Gretchen ~ I don't know the answer, but can say that I know of only one process that reduces file size without reducing image quality. Perhaps others will chip in here with more suggestions...


    The free "JPEGmini" reduces the file size of JPEG images without reducing their dimensions or perceivable quality. The Web version allows you to upload and downsize one image at a time. The Mac App version avoids uploading and allows you to downsize up to 20 images per day for free.



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    Hi Alancito,


    Thanks for the suggestion; I will check into that.   What I was thinking of though was Keynote's command "Reduce File Size."   Since Keynote generally assumes projection for others, I would hope it wouldn't, but I don't want to find out by trashing a presentation!