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    I'm in touch with apple support since iOS6 release on this issue and the incompetent apple was not able to resolve this  issue  I spent 50$ on phone call calling the these people no resolution yet.

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    Thank you T. This worked a treat

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    Thank you. This worked for me too. Since the update it was saying I was saying I was in the US but I am UK based.

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    Thanks T.


    From Canada and all I did was update to ios 6.1 and the glitch occurred.  Your simple solution solved the problem.



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    Dear Hunaidi,


    Thank you very much for the advice.


    Yours faithfully,


    Stuart MacLean

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    I had the same problem after upgrading my iPhone with OS 6.1.  Your instruction help resolved that!

    Thank you.

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    Even i have been going through this problem and none of the solutions above work.

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    worked like a charm! thank you, T Yahiaoui

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    yes!!!!!many thanks


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    Re: Account Not In This Store (iOS6)

    Oct 5, 2012 10:14 PM (in response to Hunaidi)


    @ Hunaidi


    I have suggested the following steps to somebody else and it seems to have worked for a number of people including myself:


    - go into 'Settings'

    - go into 'iTunes & App Stores' (scroll down until you reach it)

    - click on 'Apple ID:....' (at the top)

    - click on 'View Apple ID' (it'll ask you to key in your Apple ID password)

    - enter your Apple ID password

    - leave the 'Settings' menu


    Hope this works for you.







    IF YOU FOLLOW THESE STEPS IT SHOULD least it did for me


    Thanks to T Yahiaoui

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    I've had the same problem in my iPad and the Settings > iTunes & AppStore and the AppStore > Feature tab thing didn't work either. I was stuck in the us store and wanted to use my brazilian account, so i signed out from the ipad Settings, and searched for an app from the br appstore in Safari. When i tried to download it, Safari redirected my request to the AppStore application, I had, of course, to log in to proceed on installing the app, and it worked perfectly!

    hope it helps!

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    Hope this helps..


    I had this problem when I switched to China to download something and tried to switch back to HK.


    There seems to be a bug with the switching mechanism on iOS6, so while none of the online solutions worked, I tried doing the switch on PC (iTunes) and that worked like a charm

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    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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    Hi, for those saying those methods didnt solve your problem, you may try this.


    Im living in Indonesia, but want to change App Store to Singapore region because i need google maps on my iphone which isnt available on Indonesia region app store, so this is what i have done:

    Tried changing iTunes account info on my iPhone 5 (6.1.2), it couldnt be done even with those methods unless you did changing from your mac.



    First i changed itunes account information from my mac, and tried downloading Google maps.

    It will ask to enter 3 secret question and answer, but it says unavailable in the end, ignore it.

    Now you should see iTunes downloading Google Maps, then i sync my iPhone with my mac. Google Map appeared on my iPhone. I went to Settings>iTunes and app store> view Apple ID> Sign out> Sign in.

    Delete an app (Hay Day) that i have downloaded through Indonesia region app store, and downloaded it back from Singapore app store. Mission accomplished. This case has been driving me crazy for whole day!


    Good luck!

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    Thanks T, I am from the UK based in Kuwait on a temporary basis with my job and was having the same problem. This has worked.