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Ever since I updated to iOS6, whenever I updated or downloaded a new app from the App Store, a message appears saying:


"Account Not In This Store

Your account is not valid for use in the Canadian (sometimes it says Indian, Australian, Chinese, French (everything changes to French in the app), Kuwaiti, and more) store. You must switch to the U.S. store before purchasing."


I made some research online and asked a few of my friends with the same problem. All they did was sign out of iTunes from settings>iTunes & App Stores or from the App Store itself and signed back in. It worked for many of them but not with my iPhone 4 nor with my iPad 2. It really does get on my nerves to always sign out and back in to the App Store as it sometimes works and allows me to update and download or most of the time it doesnt.


When viewing my Apple ID account on my iPhone (after entering the password) it either views my account or says:


"This Apple ID is only valid for purchases in the U.S. iTunes Store. You will be switched to that Store. Try your purchase again."

So I press on OK then either switches me to the App Store app of its choice, or says "Cannot connect to iTunes Store".


I tried restoring iOS6 hoping it was a bad installation, but i still have the same problem.


Can anyone help me and point me to the right direction please?




iPhone 4, iOS 6
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