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Hi everyone,


I'm trying to install a Canon pro9000 mkII printer on my macbook running Mountain Lion. The printer installation disc didn't come with the drivers/software for Mountain Lion so I downloaded them from the Canon website and they installed fine.


I then went to add the printer via the normal route: System Preferences>Printer&Scan>Add. The printer shows up in the list, I select it and it tells me:


'The selected printer software is available from Apple. Click Add to download it and add this printer.'


So I do this and it connects to Apple but then I get message saying that the software is not available from the update network.


As mentioned, I have already downloaded and installed the correct drivers! Is there no way to bypass it trying to get them from Apple? I don't know where in the system to tell it to look.




Thanks for your time!

OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)