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I am using the iPhone 5 in the UK and I am trying to install the Starbucks app for PassBook. Currently, I have nothing on my PassBook, so when I go on PassBook, it tells me what it can do, and gives me a link to the App Store. When I go to the App Store, there is no Starbucks app for PassBook. However, I have downloaded the official Starbucks app from the App Store, but not sure how to get a one for PassBook? If you can help it would be highly appreciated!

iPhone 5, iOS 6
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    There is no separate app. It's just the single app from Starbucks. They just updated it late yesterday, so if you don't seen a version 2.4 update from 10/3 in the UK iTunes Store, then it hasn't rolled out there yet.


    If you do have the latest update, this may help:





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    You need to start with the App on your phone, so download and install that first.  The version with Passbook is Version 2.4.  Once the app is installed, add your Starbucks card to the app in the My Cards section.  Once that is done, you can move on to Passbook.


    Passbook was a little tricky to set up, so here are the steps: 


    1.  Open the app and go into MyCards

    2.  Tap Manage.  A menu should appear with one option being Add to Passbook.  Tap that.

    3.  It will go through a routine where the app shows you the card, confirms you want to add it to Passbook, and then does so.

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    When I go on MyCards and press 'Manage' it gives me 3 options: 'Refresh Balance', 'Transfer Balance' and 'Recent Transactions'. Also, the app is version 2.4

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    Just read this:

    'Passbook doesn't work in Canada and the United Kingdom.'

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    Hmm.... Apple makes no mention of Passbook not being available in the UK on any site I can find, and specifically mentions it on the UK iOS 6 pages. It wouldn't be the first time that Apple's advertised a feature that isn't working yet, though, so I'll take ZDNet's word for it. There's certainly no mention of Passbook support in Starbucks' page in the UK iTunes Store; perhaps it's Starbucks that isn't supporting it there yet.