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I have two Mac mini servers, one as a primary, the other connected to the primary in target disk mode with its drives as part of the primary's RAID.  A few days ago a drive went bad in the primary, so I rebooted the backup and it came up as expected, replacing the mini with the bad drive.  After the mini with the bad drive was repaired and returned to me, I booted it in target disk mode and added its drives to the RAID on the now primary server.


Unfortunately, Disk Utility crashed during the restore of the first TDM drive, leaving the server entirely unresponsive.  I finally had to do a hard shutdown only to find that server could not reboot.  I booted it from the OS X installation disc and attempted to run Disk Repair on the RAID, only to have it report that the errors were unrepairable.  I then erased the drives and re-created the RAID.


Unfortunately, I have been completely unable to restore the server from its Time Machine backup.  I have tried to restore both servers and the restore always fails at about one-third of the way into the restore.


To summarize:


1.  Disk Utility crashed during the restore of a RAID slice, crashing the server with it and resulting in unrecoverable data errors.

2.  After erasing the drives and re-creating the RAID, the server cannot be restored from its Time Machine backup.


Does anyone know how to restore a Mac mini server running Snow Leopard Server with Time Machine?  It's quite frustrating to have a perfectly good backup and not be able to restore the server from it.