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  • roger3622 Level 1 (0 points)

    The app may or may not work depending on an individual Starbucks location.  For me it fails to consistantly bring up Passbook at one Starbucks location and works perfectly at another.  Not sure if it is maps or some other issue.  If you are having problems, I would recommend that you set Passbook (in notifications) to alerts instead of banners so it shows longer and does not go away in the event a location is slightly off.  Also in the Starbucks app under home-->settings-->store locator--> you can set the GPS perception  from good, better, and best.  This might help at some locations.  I have used the "good" setting and it seems to work depending on which Starbucks you use. 

  • Heisenberg60 Level 1 (0 points)

    I wondering if any of those screen saver security

    Screens (I have "If Found"), stop passbook from

    Displaying the Starbucks banner. The intent of those

    Apps are to provide contact information on your lock

    Screen in case you loose your phone. So I would

    Think that app would stay persistent therefore

    Preventing the passbook banner from displaying

    On the lock screen. Just a theory...

  • Frank Malloy Level 2 (350 points)



    It's not the case. All "If Found" does is to create a lock screen photo that has an embedded message. You only run the app to create the screen. It's displayed just like any other lock screen photo and the app only runs when you create the photo.


    So, that is not causing any issue.

  • Heisenberg60 Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks for the follow up, but that just brings us

    Back to issue with nothing showing up

    When at a "favorite" store, with location services

    Turned on, and on for passbook and Starbucks,

    And with purple 'carrot' symbols showing, it still

    Doesn't work. Sure seems like an extraordinary amount

    Of "brute force" effort is required to get this stuff

    Working... Mine still is not...

  • Frank Malloy Level 2 (350 points)

    At least it's still functional - just open Passbook and you can still use it. It just doesn't pop up on your lock screen.

  • tjwolf Level 1 (0 points)

    One additional observation: it seems that Passbook requires wi-fi in some way.  Passbook had been working with my favorite Starbucks every morning for a week, but one morning it failed to come up.  I had disabled my wifi the day before (because a location had a really slow wifi link and I quickly wanted to switch to 4G) and as soon as I re-enabled it and went back to the lock screen, Starbucks showed up!


    In my head, Passbook should just need GPS: every passbook entry has some latitude/longitude info associated with it and, when you get close to that (the "geo fence"), the passbook entry should pop up on the lock screen.  Why do you need wifi?


    Oh well.  I was obviously wrong.  Hope this helps some souls whose Passbook stuff still doesn't work reliably.

  • Tim Flight Level 1 (50 points)

    Location services use both GPS and wifi to determine your location. So any app that uses location will work better with wifi turned on because it can find your location faster with wifi turned on than with GPS alone. With wifi turned on location services can use a list of wifi spots it finds (even if not connected to them) and reference a database of locations to more quickly determine your location than with GPS alone. See FMI on how they all work together.


    So Passport does not require wifi, however Location Services will more quickly be able to determine an accurate location with wifi turned on.

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    I'm not sure if this has been solved, but I was having the same issue. When I went to a local Starbucks, passbook was not showing my Starbucks loyalty card. Somehow, someway, I turned of the location services for passbook. When I turned it back on, my problem went away.

  • carbonrain Level 1 (0 points)

    In the Starbucks app you have to got to the map, select a store, then select as favorite.


    Then the passbook card will have the option to "show on lockscreen".

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    Keep in mind that the location of some Starbucks locations are not correct with their assigned GPS coordinates. I have noticed this on serveral Starbucks locations and one in particular was off by 500 feet.  Carefully examine using the Starbucks app where it thinks a particular store is located.  Most are dead on but other are wrong with no way to correct Starbucks data.  This is a Starbucks problem and not Passbook or your phone. 

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    Until you brought up this possiblity - that "This is a Starbucks problem" - I always considered it Apple's problem because its ideas of where Starbucks locations are is also frequently incorrect.


    I just tried one of the locations I go to often: "11 Village Center Drive, Freehold, NJ  07728".  On "Apple Maps", it shows on the left of Village Center Drive - right where it joins W. Main Street.  Starbucks' Map thinks that it's way further north, next to "Raintree Drive".


    Well, both are wrong :-(  The actual location is a few hundred feet to the East of where Apple Maps thinks it is.  Starbucks' idea of where its store is is off by maybe thousand feet.


    I agree with your assessment that it's Starbucks fault, since the geo-fencing would have probably worked over a couple hundred feet, but not at 1000ft.  I never see my Starbucks pass while at Starbucks - but do see it while at "Super Stop an Shop" - which is near where Starbucks thinks its store is.


    You rightfully complain that there doesn't appear a way to tell Starbucks about their problem.  But Apple's reporting mechanism is just miserable - I reported some bad pin locations to Apple almost a year ago - and it still shows them in the wrong spot.  Might as well not have problem reporting! :-(

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