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Billy Dye Level 1 Level 1

I added my Starbucks card (via the Starbucks app) into Passbook. I also added several "favorite locations" to the card.  I have all necessary settings, including those in Notifications and Location Services, turned on as described in  However, when I walked into a Starbucks in my favorite list this morning, the card failed to appear in the lock screen. I had to open the Passbook app itself in order to use it.  Anything else I can do to get this working?  Passbook is a very cool idea but doesn't seem to work--might as well just use the Starbucks app.


iPhone 4S running iOS6 (obviously)

  • tjwolf Level 1 Level 1

    I have the exact same situation.  Starbucks did not show up on the lock screen and I ended up going to "Passbook", where my Starbucks card now shows up by default since I installed the Starbucks app.  If the location-based notification doesn't work, I'm not sure I see the value of Passbook over regular apps.


    Which brings me to my second question: what happened to all the other Passbook items that were in Passbook before I installed Starbucks?  I didn't use any of them, but there used to be a wallet-like UI showing various vendors - like Walgreens, American Airlines, etc.  Now, I only see the Starbucks card.  Was that just a fake "banner" that disappears as soon as you start adding *real* Passbook-supporting apps?

  • tjoneill Level 1 Level 1

    I have the same issue! Only difference is my card does not even show up in Passbook, it just shows the default screen with the button to go to the App Store. I'm trying to like passbook and keep using it, but it seems like it's going down the same road (no pun intended) as Apple Maps...

  • tjwolf Level 1 Level 1


    Are you sure you downloaded the newest versionof the Starbucks app?  Earlier versions didn't have integration with Passbook and if you downloaded the Starbucks app before Wednesday, you would have gotten the non-Passbook version.  Just a thought.

  • tjoneill Level 1 Level 1


    Thanks for the follow-up, however I did download the updated version. I got the message about adding favorite locations in order to utilize Passbook.

  • tjwolf Level 1 Level 1

    I'm wondering if I just don't understand Apple's different notifications.  In System Settings->Notifications->Starbucks, I had "Alert Style" set to "Banners" and I had "View in Lock Screen" turned ON.


    In the Starbucks app itself under Home->Settings, there's also a "Banners" that I had set to OFF, because I thought it was referring to some sort of banner ads.  Now I'm thinking that I should set the Alert Style to "Alerts" and have the Starbucks "Banners" setting to ON.  I will give that a try once I go for coffe in a couple hours :-)


    How, in gods name, would my mom or dad ever figure out these settings without first getting a tutorial on Notifications??

  • methfan26 Level 1 Level 1

    Passbook doesn't work for my Starbucks Card -or- my Walgreens card.


    I've been to Walgreens multiple times in the past two weeks, changing settings between visits, but nothing works.


    I thought maybe it was specific for walgreens.


    But I setup my starbucks card yesterday, and went to get my coffe this morning... and again, it didnt pop up


    [Black 32BG iPhone 5]

  • Aggrofish Level 1 Level 1

    I added my Starbucks card and Target coupons. Neither worked when walking into the store. In Starbucks, I even waited to see if it took a little longer to recognize where I was (I waited 5 minutes). I'm wondering if it was because I'm a Verizon customer and linking to my Cable companies wiFi hotspot (Starbucks wifi is for AT&T customers). I'll try tomorrow without the wifi and see what happens.

  • Frank Malloy Level 2 Level 2

    Assume you have Settings>Notifications>Passbook>View in Lock Screen ON ?


    Go to Settings>Privacy>Location Services. Is Location Services ON? Is Passbook ON? This is important. Is the Location Services compass indicator showing next to ON and is it purple?


    When you arrive at the location and press Sleep/Wake and view the lock screen, does it show the Location Services compass indicator on the status bar at the top? When you unlock the phone the Location Services indicator should light briefly, maybe 5-10 secs. then go out. This means it is checking if you arrived at one of the locations in your passbook, and that triggers the alert (as I understand it).

  • Tgara Level 4 Level 4

    There is a "show in lock screen" inside the passbook.  When you have your Starbucks passbook showing, tap the little "i" and take a look at the additional settings.  There is a lock screen setting in there.

  • Aggrofish Level 1 Level 1

    Mine was turned on so your theory for me was incorrect.

  • Aggrofish Level 1 Level 1

    Frank...for me the settings were correct. I did not check the indicator when I arrived. I'll do that in the morning for my to-go cup. If it is lit up and it doesn't recognize where I am at, I'll turn wifi off and see what happens.

  • Frank Malloy Level 2 Level 2

    It's important to check that Settings>Privacy>Location Services shows a purple (not grey) arrow for Passbook after you arrived at the site. That means that Passbook used GPS to check your location recently.


    Also, open Maps and make sure it's showing you at the correct location.


    You could also open the Starbucks app, go to Stores, and click Map at the top, you should see that your blue dot is directly on the green pin for the Starbucks location.


    I would think that if all of this is happening, there should be no reason why you aren't getting the notification.

  • orion32773 Level 1 Level 1

    I have an observation that may explain some issues, although it might not be the case for everyone.  I regularly visit 2 starbucks stores daily.  The first one I received a banner in the lock screen but the one on my way home I did not....well actually I saw a brief flash as I wss pulling in and then it was gone. I decided to go check the actual strabucks app for the area to add favorite stores which I am guessing how it sets up the geofence.  This other store's pin was several hundred feet further west of the location so I had already passed it...or was close to the outer edge which would explain the brief flash.  Just a theory but it may be some of the locations are off in the actual app.  I am also going to open a new post.....I get the banner at one of the stores but when I slide to unlock it just goes to the home screen.  I still have to browse for the app....isn't it supposed to launch after sliding to unlock? Thought that was the expected behavior otherwise I will just launch the starbucks app.

  • Billy Dye Level 1 Level 1



    My suspiscions lie with the geofencing/location accuracy as well, but I haven't traveled around to multiple Starbucks to test it out yet.


    So--the only thing you see on the lock screen is a banner?  I expected that an immediately scannable view of the card would pop up so that you wouldn't even have to unlock or anything, especially since there is a seting under "Passcode Lock" that allows passbook access even when locked.

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