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I've just got an iPhone 5, and I am trying to set up a mail account to my work's exchange server.


I am using the details that I have used on past phones and currently using on my iPad running iOS 6  ie. going through the webmail server - outlook.xxxxxxxx.com - I'm using the exact same details as the iPad, which is working fine.


When I set it up I get all the setting confirmed correctly however when I go into mail I get the Cannot Get Mail error.


Also, normally,  the exchange server asks to put a passcode on the device, however when I add the account on the iPhone 5 I don't get asked to do this, I'm guessing because it isn't getting a response from the server.


Has anyone else had this issue and managed to solve it?


Thanks in advance

iPhone 5, iOS 6
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    OK - had a rather long chat with an apple cs rep but no real solution come forward.


    I did set up a hotmail account during the call however, and this might be key to the problem.


    Basically, it looks like there is a delay in the iPhone mail app recognising from the server that additional security is required. Once you get the message asking you to add a passlock, this will then allow you to connect to the exchange server.


    So.... I can't recreate this, however to resolve, my advice would be:


    Set up email account as normal

    Change the advance settings to fetch

    Try and fetch mail (will probably get an error)

    Set up a hotmail account

    Make a few calls or a cup of tea or something (I would say it took about 5 minutes after I finished the call with apple)

    If nothing's come up asking for you to add a passcode, delete it all and start again and repeat.


    Hope this helps someone else