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I read all the description and very little seems to apply to my setup.


I can still stream movies, music and podcasts...but I want my photo stream back for my screensaver..and favourite part of owning the APPLE TV (vers1) is the floating pictures from my album.



I made the "mistake" of setting up my AppleTv (Vers1) box to stream..something I can't seem to undo .. although I wish I could.


It says "On Apple TV version 1.x, choose Sources from the main menu. " I've looked and looked (and yes, made sure the software is up-to-date) but I see no Sources -- anywhere --  therefore I can't go any further.




Please help?

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    Sources was for the original 1.0/1.1 software and not later.


    I think photos have to be synced.


    You'd need to remove your iTunes from Computers>Settings then re-add it as the sync computer at the top, then adjust Device settings in itunes.