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I have iTunes 10.7 and an iPhone 5, also an iPhone 4S (IOS6) with the same problem.  When I access the shared music on my computer from the Music app, only 'songs' tab contains entries, there are no entries under 'Artist' or 'Album'.  It appears that all the songs in my library are listed under 'songs' but it makes it very difficult when I want to search for an Artist or Album and can't.  Can anyone help me sort this out?

iPhone 5, iOS 6
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    I have a similar problem with albums not showing on my iPad3 via Home Sharing from my Mac mini, since "upgrading" to iOS6. Like yourself, they're all listed under songs only. The other tabs are useless.


    I'm frankly appalled at all the iOS6 errors and - as usual - Apple ignore 99% of the complaints on its own forums. It seems Apple really only care about your money... At this rate Apple's glory days will soon start to slip away :/


    The Maps issue was only addressed because the media got hold of it...


    Really hoping all these stupid errors are addressed in the next update. Apple used to pride itself on its products "just working".....



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    Just also found out the alphabetical bar on the right doesn't work at all now. Also if you try and play a track in song list view, it just flicks through my song list extremely quickly!



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    I downloaded Air Playit on my PC and the app on my iPhones.  Now I can search by artist or album and bypass the itunes home sharing all together.

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    Songs are ok.

    Playlists are ok.

    Genres are ok.

    Artists 14 instead 344

    Albums 220 instead 1131