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Quick question: Do new apps submitted now NEED to have customized UI's for the iPhone 5 display?


Details: I'm looking for a definitive resource / article which mentions whether new iPhone apps submitted now (i.e. after the iPhone 5 launch) absolutely MUST have full screen custom UIs for the new iPhone 5 screen size.


I basically have an iPhone app which I've been working on for a while (pre-iPhone 5) and is only now complete. Obviously it doesn't have custom UI's tailored for an iPhone 5, but of course will  run well in the 'letterboxed' format. It'd be too much of an effort and cost to change the whole UI to fully support the iPhone 5 screen now, so was wondering whether there would be any issue in submitting the app as is, and maybe adding iPhone 5 support in a later update.


Any help would be welcome!

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