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  • BDAqua Level 10 (122,237 points)

    Likely it is a spefic version of OS9.


    On PC keyboards, try Windows key = CMD on Mac, alt= Option/alt on Mac, hough occasional those two are swapped.


    So try Windows+s for single user mode.

  • MichelPM Level 6 (11,378 points)


    So, none of us keep confusing this issue and for further recommendations and advice.

    You keep calling this a G3 Mac, but mentioned it having an AGP graphics card and slot.

    Just so we can be sure of the PowerMac you have, is the PowerMac's case a very bright blue and white color with a bright blue Apple logo own the side and also has "G3" written in large font between the Apple Logo?

    If this is the machine you have, just to clarify, the video card is PCI card with VGA connection.

    There is no AGP slot in this model.

    The only other model that used PCI video is the PowerMac G4 PCI model. That model was the next PoweMac version but used a gray and graphite colored case.

    AGP video model PowerMacs were first introduced in the G4 Line, not the G3 lineup of Macs.


    The fact that there is OS X on your Mac means the firmware update has been applied during its working life.

    We just need to know which version of OS X you are running.


    And yes, PowerMacs were dual Mac OS booting. So, once you get this running there are a few different ways to get OS 9 onto this Mac. Again you would need a retail OS 9 disc. These discs were colored white with an orange "9" on them.

    Mac-specific discs will not work.

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    MichelPM, first thing is sorry for 2nd guessing you. Looking at the motherboard it looked so much like a windows one I assumed it was both AGP and PCI slots. Also it is a G3, it is written on the case with big letters just behind the blue apple symbol. This has to be one of the best looking computer towers ever put out.


    I don't know what exact version of Mac OS. The computer starts then you get to a login page and it just says OS X. I'm going to pick up a Apple keyboard this week. A microsoft mouse works but a microsoft keyboard does not. Plus they don't have the command and option keys.So I'm gonna need the apple keyboard to reset the login to get further.


    I guess I don't have the retail version of OS 9. What I have is the original package CD's that came with the iMac DV. They are gray OS 9.0.4 and it has a Apple hardware test CD. So I'm not going to get anywhere right now till I pickup a keyboard.


    I haven't seen a Mac in 12 years and getting bored with windows. So look forward to getting this G3 going and get back familiar with the Mac OS, then pick up a newer one. Thanks so much for your time and help.

  • Jacumba Level 4 (2,340 points)

    I've picked up a keyboard for this G3. But having difficulity on resetting password to enter the computer on first attempt. This is what I'll try this time.

    While starting up hold down Command-S

    Enter sh /etc/rc and press return

    Then enter passwd yourusername and press return. I don't have a username so assume I write passwd yourusername?

    Now you have to enter a new password twice, what you type won't appear on the screen, but it is working. Once you have done this reboot and hit return.

    I got this info online so not sure if it's going to work. Or if there's an easier way.


    Also the keyboard I picked up does not have a Command key. It has a Option and Apple Key. Are one of these considered a command key? Thanks for any help you may have.

  • MichelPM Level 6 (11,378 points)

    The Apple key is the Command key.

  • Jacumba Level 4 (2,340 points)

    Thanks MichelPM

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