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I have some 'bonus shows' I download and add custom through itunes into my podcasts, by turning all MP3s from 'music' to 'podcast'. I never had an issue when I was using Itunes. Now with the switch to all podcasts having to go through the podcast app.... the podcasts are all out of order, and a couple are appearing in the normal section for that podcast, despite the 'album' title being different.... I need help on how to organize this please!!

Windows 7, IOS 6 on Iphone 4.
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    I think it is a bug of the podcast app, that the albums the podcasts are sorted in in iTunes are not snced well to the iOS Podcast app.

    I have this problem too and i´m asking the AppleCare now. If they don´t have an answer, i´ll write a bug report to Apple at the Developer recources.

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    I see! Please keep me updated. This is SOOOO annoying, as I update bonus shows on here all the time. It stinks, and with me being a neat freak... totally bothers me that it's all out of order and in wrong locations!

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    I called the applecare hotline and also the senior advisor had no idea to solve this problem. he also told, that the podcasts all has not this function. So i submitted a bug at apple bug reporter, the ID is Bug ID# 12479185.

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    Me too. This has been bugging me since the Podcasts iOS app got released, I think, or certainly following one of major updates to it over 10 months or so ago.


    After finally getting entirely fed-up with it, I just reported it via the Dev Center too.

    Bug ID: 14547061



    I cannot believe Apple have left it this long to sort this minor—but highly annoying—bug out, to be honest, that could have been fixed quite easily by an averagely qualified software engineer.


    What's doubly annoying is the fact they are showing-off their "1 Billion Podcasts" downloaded in iTunes, while the actual native app that plays the things is an absolute pain in the backside to use (it's got a lot of 'issues' that make it so).


    I don't hold-out much hope, as Apple make no money out of podcasts, so why would they care about actually fixing the thing!