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Bob Sabiston Level 3 (525 points)

This morning I went to go pick up an iPhone 5, and I used the maligned Maps program on my old iPhone 4 to get to the store.   It wasn't that bad -- but when I got the new phone, the maps program worked differently on the new phone?


Specifically, on the old phone, I was able to swipe side-to-side on the individual 'green-sign' directions, to step back and forth to see what the next turn would be. 


On the new phone, I was stuck on the current step in the directions -- no swiping at all.  All I could do was go back to an overview or a list of all the directions.


What's the deal?  I should be able to swipe between the direction steps, shouldn't I?  It certainly was a LOT easier to work with that way.  Being stuck in close view on the current step is no good. 


Has maps been updated? Maybe my old phone had a newer version than the new phone?




iPhone 4, iOS 5
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