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I recently went into the Mac App Store and saw that I had an update for an app: "Significator for iTunes."  I proceeded to update the app and it was able to download the update however in the Mac App Store, it is currently stuck at "Installing - less than a minute."  It has been stuck at this step for the past 2 days and I have been unable to shut down or restart my computer because of this.

I also receive this message when trying to shut down or restart:

Screen Shot 2012-10-04 at 2.42.39 PM.png

This prompt has also been unresponsive for the past 2 days.


I thought I would be able to cancel this by going into Activity Monitor and force quitting the process but after doing so, I still cannot restart or shut down.


Any ideas or suggestions?

MacBook Pro (Retina, Mid 2012), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.1)
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    I still cannot restart or shut down.



    Hold the power button down until the screen goes black then restart.


    Your profile indicates you have v10.8 installed but you posted in the v10.7 Lion community.

    If you have v10.8 Mountain Lion installed...



    Open System Prerferences > Security & Privacy then select the General tab.


    Click the gold padlock icon to make changes. Yiou may be prompted for your admin password.


    Select:   Mac App Store and identified developers


    Click the lock to prevent changes.


    Launch the App Store and try updating your apps.


    If you still see that dialog when updating, contact the Significator for iTunes developer here >  http://www.ilijatovilo.ch/support


    There's an email address available there.


    Other suggestions...


    -  Temporarily disable anti virus software if installed.


    -  Apps such as Little Snitch, Net Nanny, and Hands Off can prevent apps and updates from downloading.


    -  Third party download managers are not compatible with the App Store.

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    Thank you, the forced power off allowed me to get back in and try updating and it was successful.


    I didn't have to change my settings since I do download applications from other sources than just the Mac App Store, but I will keep that in mind for the future.

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    You're welcome.