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  • kiwimac22 Level 1 Level 1

    I have just migrated from PC, using Riffsttion to Macbook pro 15¨with Retina display, and the same problem with Riffstation. Sounds crackles.

    However Audacity seems to work fine.

    Have tried different display settings but doesn't change the sound crackling.

  • hherauf Level 1 Level 1

    Yeah I just got mine a couple weeks ago, I just started up Spotify and it seems like I'm only getting the static noise when scrolling on my trackpad. I also get very frustrated knowing how much I paid for this and not getting the quality that I expect.

  • dimyriy Level 1 Level 1

    How about restart your mac?

  • noid669 Level 1 Level 1

    Ive got sound issues but i dont know if is hardware problems.


    On Thursday i received my new rMBP 15 and replaced my original rMBP2012...


    The sound quality diferrence between ther is noticable.


    On the new MBP High Freq. Sounds not sounds as good as the rMBP2012 model.

  • kfraser23 Level 1 Level 1

    ive had this laptop for a week today i use it to produce music i expect the best quality which is why i went with mac, also cause the programs i use perform the best on macs, i have an ipad, and an iphone. Ever since the day i opened it i had this problem and mine is the late 2013 model if iwanted shity quality i would of stuck with pc you guys should work out a deal like HP did with dr dre for your speakers on the next gen RMBP cause that was my next choice simply for the sound quality please fix this also im not changing my screen quality for sound my cousin also uses this for his photos atm i have krk rokit 8s but if its even happening when people plug in their speakers i dont want to hear that during playback

  • Zebbler Level 1 Level 1

    Blah.  My crackling issue came back full force.  Pandora, Vimeo - all crackle as they play media through my Retina MacBook Pro.  *** indeed.  This feels like a cruel joke, as this was not happening in any way back in 2003 with some of the earliest Mac Books I owned.

  • harrythemusician Level 1 Level 1

    Yeah, originally swithed to Mac because of it's multitasking capabilties. Today, if i had f.e Logic Pro open, then ALL the other program that uses soundcard WILL crackle. When i shut down Logic and have only one program open at the time it'll be quite ok. That's my solution, i don't know if it's hardware or software based issue..

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