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I send off a text, get a reply and no notification goes off. The settings are checked to receive notifications from everyone. I had this problem with my iphone 4 and just got the iphone 5 and same problem. Any thoughts???? It's quite annoying so I appreciate any advice.

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    If the iPhone is not in "sleep" and you still have the messages app open, you will not get a notification. If the phone is locked, or you have closed the messages app, you should get whatever notification you have set for messages in notification. Go to Settings, Notifications, Messages and set how you want to be notified. Also, you can go to Settings, Sounds, and make sure you have a sound assigned to Messages.

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    It seems to  ONLY happen when I put it to sleep after sending off a text. I can leave the app open or close it and it won't notifiy me. If someone just sends me a text when it's sleep, then I get notified.


    It must be some setting? I've checked all the notification, messaging settings that I  can think of.


    Please help me!!


    Maybe a soft or hard reset? Not sure how to do that but maybe that's what it will take?

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    Just got it figured out. Which I think something funny is going on in my phone because this doesn't seem like a fix but... I went and turned off the notifications. I also had it set to show the top 10, but once I turned it off, I get my notifications from people. SO weird!