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I have a fairly new 4th generation iPod Shuffle (8 months old) and it won't charge. The last time it worked I accidentally left it playing until the battery ran out of charge (if that helps identify a problem at all). From that point on the iPod has not been used, abused, or exposed to any elements. I tried to charge it yesterday, and nothing. The orange light will blink when connected to my laptop, and I can access the music and playlists stored on the iPod via iTunes. The charging icon will show up in iTunes and everything. But when I eject the iPod and unplug it, it is completely unresponsive as if there was no charge (the light won't even blink when you press a button). I've tried charging it for over 5 hours, and still nothing. Does anyone have any ideas of how I might get my Shuffle to start working again?  I'd really appreciate it. Thank you!


Things I've tried:

-I've tried the "iPod reset" (no effect)

-Tried connecting to my macbook pro (my main computer, no effect)

-Tried connecting to a pc (no effect)

iPod shuffle, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    So the iPod appears to function as expected when connected to a PC/Mac, but does not function at all when disconnected correct?


    I know you have already tried a reset, but what about a full restore in iTunes? A restore of the Shuffle will wipe all content from the device, reset all settings back to their defaults, and load a fresh copy of the iPod's software onto the device. This should help rule out the possibility of any sort of software error/glitch or corrupte data.

    Restoring iPod shuffle to factory settings



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    I am having the same problem with mine.


    When connected to the PC it seems to be ok. All the light signs are working (sync, battery, etc.). I can access it by iTunes, add or delete music, etc.


    But when I unplugg from the PC it will not respond to anything.


    I have tried the hard reset and to restore it...no change at all.


    Anyone can help!?