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  • AJ-31 Level 1 (0 points)

    Received iPhone 5 on the 10/16/12. Just had an issue tonight with SMS texting. Went to respond to a text and keyboard went was typing in all sorts of characters on its own. Seemed like when I was hovering my thumb over the on-screen keyboard, the letters just started typing all their own!  Never saw anything like it.  Went to shutdown the phone and could not slide the red off switch.  It appeared on the screen, but would not move.  Eventually had to do a hard reset and things seem to be working right now.

  • risraz Level 1 (0 points)

    I've been having issues with the screen going haywire as well - characters being typed randomly, apps being opened when I hadn't even tapped on them.  It's as if suddenly all the unresponsive swipes I made on the phone are happening suddenly and randomly all at once.  My issue has been very frequent and I've tried everything (resetting the phone, updates) I typically have to hard reset the phone (because I can't even swipe it off) to be able to use it again but the problem comes back within a matter of minutes.  I finally made an appointment at the genius bar today and I'm hoping they give me a replacement.  I personally think this is a hardware issue - something to do with the touch screen sensors being out of whack and unresponsive.  I've owned the 3 and the 4 and I never ever had a problem like this before.  None of my other friends who own the 5 are having these issues.

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    Same issue here. 64GB iPhone 5 and never had any issue with previous generations. I frequently can't even unlock mine or write a text message. I tried restoring etc but nothing works, it just keeps reoccuring. Very frustrating having spent £699.

    I have a geneius appointment for next week, most probably will get it exchanged. Must be a defective batch.

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    ok - I went to the genius bar and when the phone was restored, without my restored settings from the icloud, the phone worked perfectly - as soon as we restored the phone from the back-up , with my settings on icloud, it went haywire again - the thinking is that there is some kind of issue with the information transfer from the iphone 4 to the 5 restoring from the back-up on icloud.  What you need to do sync your phone to itunes (specifically to save all your photos and music), delete everything from the iphone and then set it up as a new phone (DO NOT RESTORE FROM THE BACK-UP ON ICLOUD) - when you sync your phone on itunes set it up as a new phone, get your pics back on there, and voila, that should solve the problem (it did for me) - you'll lose your text messages though.  You can get your apps back by going to the app store and go to "purchased" and you can download them right onto your phone.

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    Thank you, interesting. Though in my case I restored from the iPhone backup on my Mac, not from iCloud. So it would seem that restoring iPhone 5 from any previous backup would cause the issue?


    I would prefer to find an alternative solution rather than loosing all my texts, though if the issue persists I will have no other option!

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    There are so many problems with the iPhone 5 I've more than had enough, I'm returning mine and getting a Samsung Galaxy Note II. I'll just have to live without Siri :(

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    Actually, because I got one of these lemons, I would assume that it's not rare, but it is rare. Even though you can find a few youtube videos and there are a couple of threads with this problem, it hasn't happened to anybody reviewing the device or any other general commentators I've heard of nor anybody I know with the phone. The genius at the Tokyo Apple store where I got my phone hadn't seen anybody with this issue and gave me a new phone without any questions. I think a few are bound to be unlucky when they're trying to crank out millions of them a week.


    I had to get my iPhone 3GS replaced because the battery indicator was completely wrong all the time, but never had problems after that. Similarly, with my replacement iPhone 5, my previous problem seems like a bad dream that I'm glad is in the past.

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    Since this is wat i did (and it seems to solve my problem) this looks like the the most sensible explanation. Tnx


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    I'm having a similar issue.


    Sometimes when I plug my iPhone 5 on the computer or on the wall charger, the touching screen is not really responsaible. I have to reboot the iPhone to get the touchscreen response back.

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    On youtube, I saw somebody with this problem. He said using the old charger makes it work fine.

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    I ended up getting a replacement.  That one is working as it should.

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    I bought my iPhone 5 on launch day and the following day I noticed the freezing issue.


    I went back to Apple a few days later and they said they would replace it but they had no stock. They told me to call customer support and they could send one to me as I live 40 miles from a store.


    Great I thought, until I was told that I have to pay £600 on my card until the new one arrives. What a f*ckin joke!!!


    I bit the bullet and went back the store the next day once they had stock.


    After 2 days the fault appeared on my replacement phone.


    Mine is totally random. Makes no difference if I'm using it, or if I pick it up and try to unlock it. It just dies.


    It does it when opening apps, closing apps, receiving a call, clicking home to bring the phone out of sleep mode etc etc. Eventually it catches up and does all the presses/swipes I have done whilst frozen.


    I have had every iPhone since launch and never had a freezing issue. I cannot help but feel that this would not have been released if Steve Jobs was still with us. It is a second rate product.


    I said to my friends when Steve Jobs died, just watch, Apple will lose their way over the coming years and they will become a thing of the past.


    It's already begun and I will probalby jump ship at next upgrade.

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    pjklondon wrote:


    There are so many problems with the iPhone 5 I've more than had enough, I'm returning mine and getting a Samsung Galaxy Note II. I'll just have to live without Siri :(

    Wow, live without Siri. I have had Siri since the 4S and never use it unless I want to sho friends how useless it is.


    If you're American maybe it's better but in the UK I find our accent cannot be recognised. If you're English, try saying has when trying to use Siri for dictation in a text. I just did, and the first word I got was "sound", then "house". To get it to put "has" you have to say it in an American accent (like hairs).


    Then I thought I'd try and get it to put "hairs". Errr no chance.


    And yes it is set to UK English.


    Just tried to say Pants", as in Siri is pants. Got "pumps" over and over. Said "pairnts", as in an American accent and surprise surprise it worked.


    There's a saying in the UK for things like Siri. Bag of Sh*te

  • Erika Spencer Brose Level 1 (110 points)

    I was told if mine kept acting up even with the new one that it may be because I used a backup from the previous phone to set up the new one.  There are some thoughts that it may be in this data transfer and that if you start off with a brand new clean slate it wont do that.  I havent had to do this yet so I cannot attest to if it works or not.

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    I never had this issue with my 4s, but my 5 seems to do it on and off. It has to be a software issue.  I think its a problem with ios6.  My wife has a 4s and my daughter has my old 4s and we are all having this issue since the update.  Message center wont show the text information when you pull it down.  Text messages freeze and are not responsive.  Even the home button is useless.  They need to fix this.  We own every apple product and i own the stock and the quality is starting to worry me.  Don't get me started on the maps issue.  I'm afraid the rush to push products out is starting to take its toll on quality.