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  • ahsanayaz Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have also noticed mine freezing a couple of times during a call apart from battery going down quickly on 3G. I had chosen apple over Samsung Galaxy S3 when buying but in vain. 99% chances next time will move to android. 

  • annamak Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    i used for 2 months and alwys having problem - freezing n no touch response. but i just recalled that usually when it happened, i m charging my phone. did anyone got this problem also when u charge?

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    Me too

  • RussianKen Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Mine does to. i purchased mine right when pre sale, i didnt have the problem. now it happens almost everyday. im very disapointed in this product. i have been a loyal apple customer for years now. this is not like the product quality of Apple

  • Alexander2013 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have iPhone5 and I have been facing problem like freezing and connecting to Wi fi. Visited Apple store in new york, 13th street and it was a REALLY AWKWARD RESPONSE from them.


    He was asking it to replicate the freeze at that time. He doesn't want to believe that another colleague of the same store has seen it freezing.....Crazy person.


    Such a response was never expected from Apple. Hate the apple iPhone5 support team... Hope Steve was there to release the quality expected from Apple.

  • Erika Spencer Brose Level 1 Level 1 (110 points)

    Well after freezing EVERYTIME I am on the phone I spent several hours doing a fresh restore.  No backup, just set up exactly like it was a brand new iPhone user.  IT KEEPS FREEZING!  I want to chuck it out the window.  I have always had an iPhone since the day they came out but right now I am about ready to go to a Galaxy or something else.  I am so frustrated. 

  • Erika Spencer Brose Level 1 Level 1 (110 points)

    I tried this.  Took several hours to get all my settings and apps back etc.  Very first phone call after the new install it FROZE again.  Im so frustrated

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    I have this same freezing problem, and it occurs in diverse apps as well as in the iPhone settings themselves.


    I notice MANY complaints in the Apple Support Communities about this same freezing problem on iPhone 5s running IOS 6.01 and even the brand new 6.02. The standard response from the "experts" in the support community here -- to reboot or restore the iphone (or visit the apple store or call Apple Care) -- rather misses the point, in my opinion. So many iphone 5 users should not be having the same exact problem!


    Instead of band-aid replies to reboot and restore or get Apple tech support involved, we need an actual lasting fix to this systemic problem, so the freezing stops happening for all of us.


    The real question is this: What explains this  too-common freezing problem on iPhone 5 running IOS 6x?


    I believe that Apple has screwed up, plain and simple, by putting out a device and OS that has not yet been properly vetted. Seems that Apple has been doing this a lot lately (e.g., OS7x Lion, the Apple Maps app), and I suspect this is an internal Apple culture issue -- a pushback against the perfectionism of the late Steve Jobs, perhaps. If so, that's too bad for us devoted Apple product users as well as Apple's investors, quite honestly. I am unhappy to see Apple acting like Microsoft by testing new products on consumers. Apple Corporation itself needs to reboot and restore its "insanely great" standard of excellence!


    Meanwhile, I am still looking for Apple to "get on the ball" by swiftly providing a reliable and permanent way to stop my brand new iPhone 5 from freezing constantly.

  • Erika Spencer Brose Level 1 Level 1 (110 points)

    I AGREE!  And for the record reboot, restore, renew etc does NOTHING to fix the issue. 

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    This is so strange. Anybody experiencing this problem got a lemon, like I described months ago. You go to a genius, show him/her the problem, then they give you a new phone. End of story. All the other complaining distracts this thread from the solution. When you are cranking out tens of millions and a few hundred have an issue, is it a surprise? It's a big leap to suggest this has some kind of greater meaning, and invoking Steve Jobs is just plain silly, let the man RIP!


    My iPhone 3GS had an issue that a replacement solved too, and these are life-critical devices that a little hassle like this is long forgotten once it is corrected.

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    I disagree with the previous- it is important for each person experiencing this issue with their new iphone 5 to document and express their concerns in order to represent the extent of this fault. This is a post on an apple support website - it will be monitored and the frequency of customer expressed concerns will red flag this model. I have had previous issues with apple prodcuts and not been taken seriously until theapple genius had referenced a support thread with countless other customers complaining of the bug. I encourage everyone to post relating to this.


    I am also experiencing freezing/ unresponsive touch on my phone purchased new 2 weeks ago. The phone functioned without flaw sduring these weeks and then after one day of more extensive usage it has gone haywire. No trouble-shooting helps the problem. At the moment I can't even turn the phone off, this is unresponsive too.


    I find it hard to believe that this is a 1/1000 issue with the amount of feedback on this thread alone over a matter of days. This must be a manufacturing issue or faulty batch (of the first issue releases).

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    Same here,

    iPhone 5, ios 6.02.

    It freezes for about 30 seconds and then it releases the lock.

    Happened about 3 times as soon as I opened the settings app and right now when I opened then calendar.

    So I'm using this phone it's been 1 month now and it froze 4 times at least.

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    I do not have a feezing problem on my iPhone, ios 6.02.  However, I wonder if anyone experiencing this issue has tried turning off Zoom under Settings, General, Accessiblity?  If it is already off, obviously it won' t help.  If you had it on and turned it off does it help?

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    I too have been experiencing these issues (random screen skips, phone opening up apps, phone sending jibberish emails, unresponsive screen, over responsive screen, freezes) with my iPhone5. I brought to the Genius Bar and they restored it. I didn't restore it from I iCloud and I haven't restored from my Mac yet. At first it seemed to resolve the problem, but it starting to happen again. It's so maddening. The problems are intermittent so I never know what's going to happen next.

    I hate to waste my time again at the Genius Bar only to have this issue happen again. I had an iPhone4 before this one and it was a war horse. So disappointed.

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    I bought my Iphone 5 at Apple in New York and i am staying in South Africa. i have the touch screen freezing issue for one week now. and i have not been able to use my phone since. Contacted my local Istore and i cannot get my phone replaced. This is a big waste of money, spending 700 USD on a product and not be able to use it for 2 months. This is the last time i buy any apple product.. Tried hardware reset , software reset.. nothing,, now am standing here with a dummy phone in my hand not able to pickup calls or read sms coz the F***cking  Screen is Frozen.

    This is the beginning of the end for Apple..