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I am infuriated that Apple would put baked-in apps such as passbook on my phone and force me to keep them there. I was already frustrated about that when I opened passbook to find that it isn't even installed and I can't use it until I go to the App Store and spend my time installing it. What?!? So I have an App that a) I don't want  b) I can't delete and c) I have to spend time on it before I can even test drive it??  I think if Apple wants to bake in Apps and generate millions of dollars for third party companies, fine, but at least allow me to delete them if I don't want them. I never use passbook (mostly out of principal), newsstand or reminders. Apple needs to have more respect for their customers and stop insulting us with force fed Apps from whichever software company was as to get into bed with them. 

iPhone 5, iOS 6
  • ChrisJ4203 Level 8 (47,886 points)

    You can provide feedback to Apple at www.apple.com/feedback. This is a user to user forum for technical questions. Since I don't see a question in what you have written, I have provided you the best place for what you are looking for.

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    The question here is, "how do I remove Passbook from my IPhone?" I agree with mmegav, this is annoying.

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    You either bought the phone knowing it was like that or you didn't do research before buying it.  If you have an iPhone 5 you should be within your return period, if it upsets you that much take it back and get something you'll be happier with.  Just a word of warning, most manufacturers and carriers include lots of bloatware, far far more than Apple.

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    The answer to that question then is no. There is no way to delete native iOS applications. You can use the link I provided above to give feedback to Apple stating your desire to be able to remove applications that you do not feel meet your needs.

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    I agree the question is why can't passport be deleted it only works in the US and not abroad, you are forced to keep it - totally annoying! No point to defend this app ... If anyone does know how to delete it please advise ...?

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    No one here can answer this question. We are not employees or representatives of Apple. Passbook is one of the default apps. Default apps cannot be deleted. As to why it was installed in a country where it cannot be used is a question for Apple.

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    You can not remove it unfortunately - much like apple maps and other apple native appapps my suggestion create a folder in your last screen and put it in there ( with maps )


    take care

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    My issue with it is that it doesn't even seem to be an App. On my phone even though I have The Starbucks app installed I can't link to it through passbook. All passbook does on my iPhone 5 Is link to the store And pre-search For passbook apps. In other words, it's a complete waste of space on both my screen and storage space.

  • ChrisJ4203 Level 8 (47,886 points)

    If you open the Starbucks app and tap on your card to manage, it should give you the choice to add it to Passbook.

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    Passbook is a joke. The reason i trashed my samsung tab over android is precisely bcs of the crapware thats eating away my storage. I spent almost $700 on an iphone only to get apple's version of crapware. What a shame.

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    I went to settings, manage storage, tap passbook, edit(upper right), delete all...I didn't delete it because I don't want to mess up anything. If anyone does it let me know what happens.

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    As already said, you cannot delete the Passbook app, but it may help many of you to understand what Passsbook is and how it works because not one description here was really accurate. You may even find it useful at some point.


    It does NOT operate on it's own, it's a central repository of boarding passes, event tickets and a number of other like data that Apple makes available to developers and others. You can read more here.


    And from experience, I can tell you it does work in countries other than the US.