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I am infuriated that Apple would put baked-in apps such as passbook on my phone and force me to keep them there. I was already frustrated about that when I opened passbook to find that it isn't even installed and I can't use it until I go to the App Store and spend my time installing it. What?!? So I have an App that a) I don't want  b) I can't delete and c) I have to spend time on it before I can even test drive it??  I think if Apple wants to bake in Apps and generate millions of dollars for third party companies, fine, but at least allow me to delete them if I don't want them. I never use passbook (mostly out of principal), newsstand or reminders. Apple needs to have more respect for their customers and stop insulting us with force fed Apps from whichever software company was as to get into bed with them. 

iPhone 5, iOS 6