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The direction has been, change your Apple ID, and you'll start a new Apple Support identity. Doesn't seem that way. I have changed my Apple ID several times, and can't get pamelafromoak park (which somehow got to be my Support Communities name???) removed or changed. Is there an administrator for the boards who can either change this, or close this particular "account?"



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    Can't be done.


    The reason you can change your Apple ID is to answer an occasional need to change email addresses, but your Apple Support Communities identity remains linked to your Apple ID, even if you change it.


    The only way to create a new ASC name would be to create a new Apple ID. I do not recommend that for a number of reasons, one of which it is contrary to the site's Terms of Use if such a change were construed as an attempt to interfere with the site. Of course I understand that is not your intent.


    I wish I had better news for you, but that's the way things are

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    Thank you. That explains why, when i went through the trouble of changing email addresses just for Apple (because your Apple ID can only be an email address), my name on here STAYED THE same.


    Plan B: is there a way to close this membership and open a new one?

    I've signed up for other forums and sites; a lot of times, its required to give all your email prior to checking out a site. Because I don't like my information flying around cyberspace willy-nilly :-D on tons of sites, I would request to clear my name from their database.


    I think this is especially frustrating because we--out here in iUserland--think it's such a simple request. And if Apple can make all that they do, why not a profile edit box that has a user name field?


    Maybe when Apple accepts Adobe, huh?

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    at the bottome of page click on support and then find where it says manage apple ID. Its a few steps and should not take so long. I wanted a new id  i just change my screen name so I could use the  apple support communities and have a username which would not give my email address to the world.

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    Plan B: is there a way to close this membership and open a new one?


    As far as anyone knows, Apple IDs are immortal and cannot be closed, only abandoned.


    The only way to create a new Apple Support Communities name is to create a new Apple ID as I wrote. The problem with that is that if you purchased anything from the App Store or iTunes Store, those purchases stay with the Apple ID used to purchase them and they absolutely, positively cannot be transferred to another Apple ID.


    I surmise you are concerned because of your user name's suggestion of a specific geographical location? For what it's worth I have no idea where it is and there are probably many places with similar names. I appreciate the need for privacy though, so I understand your concern.


    The email address stored in your profile, existing or obsolete, is not divulged to anyone unless you want it to be.