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Getting error message on iPhone 5 "Cannot Get Mail, The connection to the server failed"

Direct push to iphone (ios 6) and now, ipad (ios 5)  are no longer working from my corporate Exchange server.

Had been using an Android phone till 2 days ago, getting all MS Exchange server emails pushed instantly, never any issues.

Now, pushes rarely come in reliably, and manually have to check for messages.

When I open Mail to do that, then I get that error message "Cannot Get Mail, The connection to the server failed".

Also, once in my Exchange mail account (yes, sometimes the eroor message goes away after several attempts), and trying to send a message, I will get error message "Cannot send mail, an error occured while delivering this message." This message comes up AFTER the jet-whoosh sounds, as if the message sent...???

I have tried my webmail online on my mac, and all settings passwords, etc, work. I can use webmail, just not Apple Mail on iphone or, now, ipad (ipad issue just started today)

iPhone 5, iOS 6, both ipad2 ios5, AND iphone5 ios6
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    Have you talked to your IT department about the problem?

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    Yes, they said all settings, etc, correct.

    Today talked to Apple support on phone, they had me reset network setting, now all seems good.

    Let's hope it keeps.

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    After Two weeks our IT figured out why the iphone would not push through emails.  This happened years ago when we had the Treo Smart Phone.  It's an email capacity issue. 

    This Issue has to do with the amount of emails sitting on the web mail.  Our company holds every past email on the webmail, this is thousands of emails, let's put it this way, in one day I alone receive over 200 hundred emails.  When the phone tries to retrieve current emails it is also trying to push through all the emails on the webmail which some phones are incapable of doing over a certain capacity. So you will receive the message "CANNOT GET MAIL, The connection to the server failed".

    I.T. resolved this issue by backing up all emails on the Exchange server for each user.  Then Moved all emails off the webmail to a local PC leaving only the current emails sitting in webmail.  Now our IT has to make sure old emails are moved from the webmail weekly, keeping emails in the webmail to a minimum. Now some companies might not be facing any issues because they probably automatically archive old emails on the webmail.  Our IT did not archive old emails from webmail because they thought they would give employees the capability of looking at old emails from webmail not only their PC.  Since this issue, IT found that employees were not accessing webmail for old emails, they were logging into their office PCs to view old emails, so not having old emails on the webmail is not an issue for our company.   And resolving the issue in this manner worked for us.  Not sure if it's a solution for everyone.

    P.S. This also effected Calendars, notes, contacts,etc since we resolved the email exchange "Push" issue, all other features are synching too.

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    We had the same problem with iphone5 (oviously with IOS6) and exchange server through Office 365. The error was corrected through going into the web interface for the Office 365, select Outlook, then select options and Mobile Phone. Onlt the first 10 connections are permitted and when exceeded this causes iPhone5 to allow setup but then gives a Error when connecting to download mail, contacts and tasks.


    Make sure that you have a slot in the 10 allowed, then remove the Exchange account on the iPhone5. Then proceed in setting up the Exchange account and this will work. We currently have it set to unlimted for all options and everything works correctly. Took a bit of time to download our vast email account and vast contact list.


    Hope this helps.



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    Thanks to all: I reset the network settings on my iPhone at Settings>General>Reset>Reset Network Settings.

    Since doing that almost a week ago, all has been working perfectly; company emails push instantly, and NO problems whatsoever.

    Again, thanks to all for responding so graciously.

    Problem solved.

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    Netty27, I can't tell you how many times I've looked this problem up online and never found a solution. Most people suggest re-setting network settings, re-booting the iphone, re-entering the isp info, etc. My problem was, although I did receive all my emails, I would receive the "cannot get mail, The connection to the server failed" message. Sometimes I'd receive 5 of these errors in a row, but still I could see that my most recent emails were coming through- even after installing the most recent ios 6.1. Your reasoning for the error makes sense: the phone can't push through a certain number of emails over a certain capacity. I had my iphone 4 set to only receive 50 emails at a time, but my Outlook settings (for a home user, not exchange server account) directed emails to remain on my ISP's server for 20 days. When I lowered the length of time emails sat on the server (so there wouldn't be so many emails that would push onto my phone), then increased the emails to be pushed through from 50 to 100, THE "CANNOT GET MAIL" ERROR MESSAGE WENT AWAY: no reboots, no resetting network connections, etc. THANK YOU for figuring this issue out!

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    Tried the Reset Network Settings solution and it didn't work.  Deleted exchange account. Reset network settings. Re-established connection with Wi-Fi (password correct, could use other apps/data) and good strong mobile signal as well. Repeated attempts to delete and re-set up exchange account again not successful. Including Error Message "Exchange Account. Unable to verify account information"   Help appreciated.