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I believe it has backed up all the files.


Starting standard backup

Backing up to: /Volumes/Backup/Backups.backupdb

Waiting for index to be ready (101)

Deep event scan at path:/ reason:must scan subdirs|

Finished scan

12.15 GB required (including padding), 902.94 GB available

Copied 4.5 GB of 9.8 GB, 260851 of 373143 items

Copied 373154 files (6.8 GB) from volume vzoo.

758.7 MB required (including padding), 895.48 GB available

Copied 589 files (1.7 MB) from volume vzoo.


since then the status has been "Finishing Backup..." for more than an hour now


However, I do get an error msg during the backup

"12-10-05 2:50:24.467 AM mds: (Error) Backup: Couldn't stat source path '/Users/vzoo/Library/Messages/chat.db-wal' -- importing from backup path instead"


PS, I have installed the supplemental update for 10.7.5 to fix TM and Spotlight and spotlight works perfect for me.

Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    Same here, after installing supplemental update  time machine is quicker but is forever on 'Finishing Backup' Also when you first plug in your ext harddrive it will not automatically back up you have to manually click on "back up now" What's the point of Apple rushing to give us a half fix, i really think there falling apart as a company.