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Since updating to iOS6 I've had a problem with sending photos by email. They used to arrive as attachments (this was the same whichever PC they were recieved on), but since the update all photos are now "embedded" in the body/text of the email, and can't be saved as multiple attachments from the email menu, only by right-clicking on the individual photos.


This is the same whether sent from the camera roll or inserted directly into an open email, with screenshots or camera photos, and is the same whichever PC/Laptop or email program receives them (I've tried several).


Can't find any settings regarding this and can't find any obvious solutions online, any help appreciated.



iPhone 4S, iOS 6
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    UPDATE - SOLVED!: Just in case you end up searching for the answer to this problem....


    I've spent hours looking for the answer to this problem, apart from a few random iphone users suffering a similar issue with no helpful responses (apart from a few useless "it must be your email program not the iphone" answers) I've been unable to find anything to help.


    Luckily, those hours of frustration eventually lead to a brainwave. The attached image files seem to be embedded (as opposed to being attached as desired) in the email IF that email account has a signature automatically set up as per iO6 settings. As soon as I turned the "per-account" signature off they reverted to being attached as seperate image files as before. It seems the inclusion of the automatic text determines the behaviour of the images.


    Hope this is of use.

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    That issue's been bothering me since the release of IOS 6 - and no one I spoke to seemed to have the issue (presumably they didnt have multiple signitures setup). I never would have thought of your fix. Hopefully Apple will fix this soon!

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    They need to fix this NOW... this is terrible.

    I use 4 email addresses on my phone for work, there is no way I'm turning off my multiple signatures.

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    I'm using one email account only, and image always be sent as attachment, I want to send as inline image, how can I

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    This as nothing to do with the option of signature per account but rather what is in the signature.


    Copy and paste with html code in you signature will do this.


    My 4 accounts, one for the office, I use paste from office outlook and did'nt send as attachment, same phone using hotmail account with just plain texte manually enter signature... Work like a charm...


    ios 7.04