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i have iphone 4s and i have upgrade it from ios 5 to ios 6 .....then my wi-fi button is disabled "gray color" ....so ??

iPhone 4S, iOS 6
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    All support for the iPhone in Jordan is provided by the two carriers authorized to sell the iPhone there, Orange and Zain. You would need to contact whichever you purchased your iPhone from.


    There are a number of discussions about WiFi issues with iOS 6 in the iPhone forum, so look there for possible solutions before contacting your carrier's support resources.



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    i bought my iphone from a shop .....and then i contact with "zain" ....they told me your mobile sold not from here ..... so this is my iphone serial number DNxxxxxTC0 could you help me to know where i should contact ???


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    You will need to ask the "shop" from what country your iPhone came. You can get service only in the country in which your iPhone was originally sold, and would have to send the iPhone to someone in that country to take or send for service if it's suffered some sort of hardware failure. This is a risk you take when you buy from an unauthorized dealer, I'm afraid.


    Again, though, look at the several threads on WiFi issues with iOS 6. Something there might help.