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I bought a new MBP last Christmas with Lion installed.  I have had numerous large and small problems.  The smaller ones concern  Spotlight either returning all the files on the computer, or returning none with the search term in it.  That has gotten a little better with updates, but is still no where near as good as SL was.


I have had freezes in programs.  No response to the mouse or keyboard inside the program.  I could click outside the program.  I have used Activity Monitor to kill programs many times.  The CPU load was never an issue.  SeaMonkey browser is  good example (Firefox & Thunderbird combination).


Open Office (Libre Office) has been a particular pain - crashing frequently and repeatedly.  Is that the app or the computer?  Hard to tell.


I hve had crashes in other programs - CAD, iPhoto, etc.


Of the above, I will have one or more episode a day, so it is not killing me, but it is not right either.


Do I have bad memory? (4GB apple, 4GB third party).

Is Lion flakey?

Are all the programs bad?


I have run Utilities/Permissions a number of times, but it doesn't fix anything.


Should I move to ML?


Any help would be appreciated.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3), I7, 8GB, 750GB, Lion
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    I left out having the second monitor go on and off (lost signal).  I use different second monitors (home and work), so it is not the monitor.  Sometimes, when playing a game, the screen image will jitter sideways.

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    I also left out that programs continue to autostart.  Ones that I had shut down before.  I turned off the option in preferences, but programs still startup that I don't want running.