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First of all, iTunes Match was working fine until about 4 days ago.  I've looked around all the discussions concerning iTunes Match failing to upload.  I've tried updating Genius and turning it on and off; I've tried updating iTunes Match and turning it on and off; I've tried signing in and out of the iTunes store and updating everything all over again.  NOTHING WORKS!!!!  I'm getting tired of this.  I've tried every way possible to get iTunes Match to upload my newly added music and I cannot figure it out.  Any ideas out there?  I'm getting very close to just cancelling the whole thing, because if my music can't be in the cloud what is the point in paying for it?



iTunes Match, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    I even tried using the hotspot on my iPhone 5 to upload, thinking it might be my ISP, and that failed too.

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    Oh, and this is music that I paid for, not something I got for free.

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    Same here, it's been doing it to me for months. Moving to iTunes 11 changed nothing. It just keeps failing at track upload then yanking me back to the Match home screen. It's extremely annoying!


    Apple, will you please fix this?

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    I was having similiar problems uploading songs to iTunes match. It turned out to be my internet connection. I happened to take my laptop to my parents' house, and iTunes Match worked perfectly. My internet connection at home doesn't seem to be problematic, but I'm almost certain it was the problem. Try taking your computer to a friend's house and using their internet connection to upload your music.

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    It does seem to be related to internet connection, somehow. It works for me at work and over my personal hotspot, but not my home internet connection.


    The way I fixed it was limiting my maximum upload bandwidth via my router. My router (Netgeard WNDR3700) has a setting that allows me to set up maximum uplink bandwidth. Speedtest.net told me my connection had 4-5mbps up, so I limited it via my router to 2mbps.


    As soon as I did this, my uploads began working without timing out and restarting.

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    Is that even English?  If you pay for somehting it should work and it doesn't. I never get past the third section: uploading art work and other songs it's been three hours and it's on 18 of 250 items....I only paid for Match so I could get my music on my new Macbook Pro without having to do a ful migration....UGH.  So if I plug an ethernet cable into my old computer, turned off wifi and tried again that might help?